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The Best Beaches in Rhodes (+ a Map to Find Them)

Just like many other Greek islands, there are some incredible beaches in Rhodes that one can only dream of. During our one week stay on this amazing island we explored many of them (all the most famous except for Prasonisi). This is our final selection of the best ones you will find on the island. For every beach, I’ve highlighted what the beach is best for, the soil type, and if you can rent beach equipment. Don’t forget the map to help you easily find them once you are in Rhodes.

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A Map to Find All the Best Beaches in Rhodes

I ordered the beaches on this list by geographical area, starting from the east coast, Lindos, and going up to the north to circle back to the west coast and Prasonisi in the south. You can find them all on the map below.

St Paul’s Bay, Lindos

Best for: the view of Lindos Acropolis.
Type of beach: sand.
Beach equipment on site: tents, umbrellas, sunbeds.

St Paul’s Bay is a small bay on the right of the beautiful Lindos acropolis. When you are on top of Lindos acropolis you can’t see the entrance of the bay, so it looks like a lake.

Despite being mainly rocky, St Paul’s bay has a small beach where you can relax on the sea shore while admiring the acropolis on your left.

Prices to rent the beach equipment are quite expensive comparing to other beaches around the island, but the location is also one of the most beautiful in Rhodes, so it’s still worth it!

st paul bay from lindos acropolis

Lindos and Pallas Beaches, Lindos

Best for: the view of Lindos Acropolis.
Type of beach: sand.
Beach equipment on site: umbrellas and sunbeds.

Lindos and Pallas beaches are on the left of the village of Lindos. Often referred to as Lindos beach, Pallas is the small sand beach closer to the acropolis hill. Both beaches have a shallow seabed which is ideal for kids.

Prices for renting beach equipment and at the bar/restaurant are less expensive than in St Paul. The only flaw of this bay is that there can be many boats.

lindos beach from the hike to lindos acropolis

Agathi Beach

Best for: the view, Feraklos castle, Agathi Church, and the necropolis.
Type of beach: sand.
Beach equipment on site: tents, umbrellas and sunbeds.

Agathi beach was very close to being my favorite beach in Rhodes, when visiting this golden sand beach is an absolute must in Rhodes. What makes it so special? For starters, Feraklos castle.

Overlooking the bay, Feraklos castle is an abandoned medieval fortress that once protected the bays of Agathi and Haraki. Nowadays, the castle is completely in ruins, and you must be careful when exploring it, some of the rocks when climbing up can be slippery. The view from the top is a 360° view of Agathi, Haraki, and the southern beach close to Lindos area. There are also some caves that you can explore.

agathi beach with mycaenean tombs
The Mycenaean tombs on Agathi beach, and Feraklos fortress in the background.

In the northern area of the beach there are two more points to explore: the small Agathi chapel and the Mycenaean tombs overlooking the bay. Getting there is very easy, and you will have a nice view of the beach with Feraklos castle in the background.

Getting there: following Google maps, we ended up on a narrow dirt road where we almost broke our car. To get to Agathi, just follow the panels to the beach and you’ll get there.

agathi beach view from the main road


Best for: off the beaten path.
Type of beach: sand.
Beach equipment on site: umbrellas and sunbeds.

Stegna is probably the most underrated beach in Rhodes! This quiet beach has a long sandy shore in front of a promenade lined with small shops, houses, and restaurants. Despite its nice location and restaurants, it’s way less touristy than the other most popular beaches in the area.

The beach can be coupled with the exploration of Archangelos, a small and picturesque village, where you can find the folklore museum as well as the Church of Michael the Archangel.

stegna beach promenade

Tsambika Beach

Best for: water sports and activities.
Type of beach: sand.
Beach equipment on site: umbrellas and sunbeds.

Tsambika is one of the most beloved beaches on Rhodes Eastern coast. The beach is very similar to Agathi, minus the castle overlooking the bay, a long golden sand shore with shallow waters.

The landscape itself is already worth the detour, but what makes it even better are the various water sports you can try. There is also an inflatable water park. At the extreme left of the beach there is also a small dune where you can roll on. It’s so fun!

tsampika beach in rhodes

Afandou Beach

Best for: off the beaten path.
Type of beach: pebbles.
Beach equipment on site: umbrellas and sunbeds.

Among so many spectacular landscapes, Afandou may look less interesting. And yet this pebble beach has everything it needs to spend a pleasant day. Crystalline waters and a few tourists around, although the water gets deep very close to the shore.

Afandou looks wilder than other more popular beaches, but there are still a few restaurants and bars you can enjoy. Also, you will have absolutely no problem finding a parking spot here.

afandou beach shore

Ladiko Beach

Best for: the view.
Type of beach: sand and pebbles, rocky seabed.
Beach equipment on site: umbrellas and sunbeds.

Only 5 minutes by foot from Anthony Quinn Bay, Ladiko beach is situated on the right side of a small bay that also has a rocky beach on its left.

The beach is very beautiful, but unfortunately there isn’t a lot of space to lay your towel on the sand. Instead, you can rent an umbrella. It can be pricey during summer, but the view is worth it.

ladiko beach front view from anthony quinn bay

Anthony Quinn Bay (our favorite!)

Best for: snorkeling, the view.
Type of beach: pebbles, rocky seabed.
Beach equipment on site: umbrellas and sunbeds.

The most famous beach in Rhodes is the beautiful Anthony Quinn bay. The iconic location is named after the Hollywood star who fell in love with it while filming The Guns of Navarone. Quinn owned the bay for a few years until a change in property law made it public again in 1984.

The beach has a small parking space for the large crowds it attracts during the high season. For this reason, I strongly advise you to get there very early in the morning. Another reason to be an early bird? The bay is perfectly lit by the sun in the morning and snorkeling at this time of the day can be magical, with many fishes swimming around.

anthony quinn bay view from the right

The access to the beach is via a narrow wooden stair. It isn’t easily accessible, but we made it with a stroller. The beach also has a nice bar/restaurant with a terrace overlooking the bay. When visiting, I highly recommend wearing neoprene shoes. The pebbles are sharp, and they also get extremely hot.

Did you know? You can visit Anthony Quinn Bay on a boat. There are several 1 day or half day cruises that will couple the bay with another beach or location. Check them out on GetYourGuide and Viator!

Our pick? Fancy sailing onboard a galleon? Aphrodite Duchess is a modern boat that looks like a galleon. If you sail with them, you’ll see Kallithea Springs, Anthony Quinn Bay, and Traganou Caves. Don’t forget to book the top deck option, which includes a large cushion on the upper deck.

Pro tip: Looking for an aerial shoot of the bay? Go to Profitis Ilias Church. There are several viewpoints where you can admire Anthony Quinn Bay and Ladiko Beach on your right and Falirakis area on your left. This place is definitely one of the best photo spots in the island!

anthony quinn bay view from profitis ilias monastery

Kallithea Springs

Best for: the art déco architecture of the decorative elements.
Type of beach: pebbles and rocks.
Beach equipment on site: umbrellas and sunbeds.

Since antiquity, Kallithea springs have been known for their healing and therapeutic properties. During the Italian government of Rhodes, the area underwent several works that gave us the iconic complex that you can visit today.

The art déco constructions on the bay are indeed one of the most important and attractive architectural complexes to visit in Rhodes. Abandoned following the events of World War II, Kallithea springs were later restored by the Greek government.

kallithea springs italian circular building

Since then, the white rounded-shape complex has been set of some iconic films during the 60s and 70s, and it continues to attract several tourists daily.

Set in a small cove, the beach of Kallithea springs is a small stretch of pebbles with a rocky frame. There you can rent beach equipment and relax in the quiet waters of the bay. The sea bed slopes very gently, making it a great place for relaxation.

kallithea springs pebble beach

Elli Beach

Best for: close to Rhodes center.
Type of beach: sand.
Beach equipment on site: umbrellas and sunbeds.

The northernmost point in Rhodes is the sandy beach named Elli. Just a few walking minutes from Rhodes Old Town and the city center, Elli has clean crystalline waters despite being close to the ancient (and still active) harbor.

Due to its position, this beach can be exposed to the winds and currents; the eastern side is less exposed. It can be a great deal for families also because of the nearby aquarium. In the aerial view of Elli beach down below, the aquarium is the yellow and red building between the two shores.

elli beach in rhodes as seen from the plane

Akti Kanari Beach

Best for: close to Rhodes center.
Type of beach: pebbles.
Beach equipment on site: umbrellas and sunbeds.

Just like Elli beach, Akti Kanari is very close to Rhodes center. Very exposed to the winds, Akti Kanari is ideal for seeing some of the beautiful sunsets on the island with the Turkish coast in the background, as well as Simi.

akti kanari beach in rhodes nearby the city center

Kremasti Beach

Best for: water sports.
Type of beach: pebbles.
Beach equipment on site: umbrellas and sunbeds.

The western coast is also the most exposed to the winds. Kremasti is a nice windy pebble beach that is ideal for surfers or kite surfers.

No experience, no equipment? No problem! Thanks to Air-Riders Kite Pro Center, you can take lessons or rent everything you need to start kite surfing. Kite surfing, like snowboarding and wakeboarding, can be very demanding on your knees. If you are fit, I absolutely recommend trying it, it’s so fun!

On the beach you can also find a few military bunkers from WWII. And dulcis in fundo, Kremasti is very close to the airport and if you are passionate about planes you can see the landing or take off.

kremasti beach bunker world war ii

Prasonisi Beach

Best for: the view and water sports.
Type of beach: sand.
Beach equipment on site: none.

Prasonisi is a narrow isthmus between the larger island and a small promontory that is the southernmost point of Rhodes. The beach is very exposed and windy. Just like for Kremasti, you can try kitesurf or windsurf. On Kite Prasonisi you will find offers for beginner courses.

If you are up for exploring, you can reach the lighthouse at the south of the promontory and enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings.

prasonisi beach southern rhodes
Photo by Carlo Pelagalli. License.

One last word about Rhodes beaches

The quieter beaches in Rhodes are on the east coast, while if you want to have some fun and try water sports the west coast is your go to. During summer the island is a very popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea, and if you want to be sure to find a good spot, consider getting up early. And if you are planning a trip to Rhodes, don’t forget to check out our 7 day itinerary.

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