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Hey there, I’m Anita!

Italian Expat and Rocket Scientist

When I was 19, I jumped on a plane to explore our beautiful world, and taste life abroad.

After a few months in London, I landed beyond the sea, in French Guiana, where I immediately fell in love with the people and lifestyle.

Meanwhile my love for travel made me discover 33 different countries, and that number is always growing!

What’s this blog about? Life at the Equator in the land of endless forests and rockets, French Guiana. But also travel destinations and amazing experiences from all around the world.

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Pizza, pasta e mandolino!
Come jump on board. Italian charm and culture offers a wide variety of activities satisfying all different travel tastes.

Hotel Ker Alberte
French Guiana

Who said Nature?
French Guiana is THE ultimate country when it comes to enjoying nature in all its extremes. Or you can simply enjoy a rocket launch.

Cappadocia Travel Guide

A land of fairy tales.
Turkey is magical and has a wide variety of landscapes! From the spectacular hikes in Cappadocia to the colorful bazaar in Istanbul.

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My wanderings in numbers

why French Guiana
I’ve been to:
33 countries

Preparing my next trip to Eastern Asia.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride
I’ve flown:
280.000 km

Almost made it to the the moon.

I’ve petted:
+ 50 animals

Including a snake and a unicorn.