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A word from the founder

Even though Anita Beyond The Sea was born as a solo project, through the years it became much more than that. As I come from a family of travel lovers I recruited some of them to help me write the most detailed guides or contribute with their incredible portfolio.

…so who’s behind the blog?

Anita – Founder

🗺️Countries visited: 35
🎈Favorite experience: hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia.
🦎Favorite animal encounters: a baby amazon parrot in Brazil.

I’ve been calling French Guiana my home for 10 years now. This remote region of France (nearby Brazil) inspires me every day to be in contact with nature. And to regularly escape in the Amazonian Forest that surrounds us, to resource my soul with the green energy of the “Lungs of the Earth”.

In my free time or when I’m catching planes I love reading books! That’s also why I started the Traveling Book Project.

Claudio – Photographer, Author and Travel Planner

🗺️Countries visited: 51
🚂Favorite experience: Seeing the last working steam train in Maramures.
🦥Favorite animal encounter: Hug a sloth in French Guiana.

I love the endless horizons of deserts, like Namibia, Gobi, and Sahara or Brittany’s vast beaches and Norway’s otherworldly landscapes.

When I’m not traveling, I dedicate myself to playing and teaching chess and photography. You can check out my portfolio on my websites: Claudio Sericano and Claudio S. Photography.

Massi – Photographer and Supportive Husband

🗺️Countries visited: 20
🚙Favorite experience: 4WD drive in Wadi Rum, Jordan.
🦜Favorite animal encounter: a baby amazon parrot in Brazil.

Launching rockets by day, I was forced into photography by my lovely wife during our travels together. Photography is now one of my biggest passions, together with calcio (would I be Italian otherwise?!) and cooking.

I couldn’t name a favorite place above all, but I was really impressed by Petra, I also love quiet holidays at the beach.

P.S. I’m a better cook than Anita, but don’t tell her or she’ll get mad!

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