I come from a land of endless forests and ROCKETS!

Are you a future expat to French Guiana?

Or are you simply looking for inspiration
for your next trip?

You are in the right place!

Welcome to Anita Beyond The Sea

By now you’ve probably guessed it, my name is Anita.

I’ve been calling French Guiana my home for 10 years now. This remote region of France (nearby Brazil) inspires me every day to be in contact with nature. I regularly escape in the Amazonian Forest that surrounds us, to resource my soul with the green energy of the “Lungs of the Earth”.

Besides being a modern female version of Henri Coudreau I love to discover new countries as well. Whenever I have the chance, I jump on a plane to a new destination.

This blog is for you If :

  • You are seeking inspiration for your next travel.
  • You look for adventurous hikes or cultural trips.
  • You’re a city and nature lover, that’s not a contradiction you can be both. 😉

…Enjoy the read!

Want to know more about me? Here is my story

I was born in Massa, a city between the mountains and the sea in Tuscany.

Since I was a kid, I got used to stimulating my curiosity, through books and travel. And be independent. These qualities shaped my personality and by the age, I obtained my high school diploma, I knew I wanted to explore the world, to be a global citizen.

London was my first stop. For two months I breathed and lived in this extraordinary city that has so much to offer. But my fate wasn’t to settle there and I moved home again. After a short trip to Ukraine, I found myself again on a plane, this time to cross the Atlantic Ocean and land in French Guiana.

This wild region of France stole my heart, and that’s why today (after 10 years!) I still live there with my husband, our son, two dogs, and a cat. Since 2016 I work at the Guiana Space Centre. Today I’m a planning manager of the ground segment for the electric, air conditioning, and optical systems by day. While I pursue my dreams of becoming a travel writer by night.

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Random Facts about me

🗣️I speak: Italian, French and English.
✈️Distance I traveled by plane: + 300 000 km, that’s 7 times the Earth’s circumference.
🗺️Countries visited: 35
🏙️Favourite cities: Istanbul, Turkey, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
🏖️Favourite beaches: Praslin, Seychelles, and Antigua.
🍽️Weirdest thing I’ve eaten: wasps, fireflies and whale steak.
🎈Favourite travel experience: hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey, and 4WD drive in Wadi Rum, Jordan.
🦎Favourite animal encounters: a chameleon in Madagascar and a baby amazon parrot in Brazil.