Welcome to the expat ressources!

One of the main missions of my blog is inspiring likeminded people to live abroad by sharing practical advice but also my personal experience. Since 2013 I have been living abroad across 2 continents. And soon, we (in between I also created a family 🙂 ) will move again to a new destination.

I love to meet fellow expats. Want to chit chat about your experience? Write me! Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. Since I have published the blog, I have helped other people moving to French Guiana or simply to consider the idea of living into another city/country.

Will you be the next?

General tips for expats

Learning a new language as an expat.
The best tips for making friends in a new city or country.
13 Expert Expat Tips to make adjusting to life abroad easier.
How to overcome homesickness abroad.
Expat, when is it time to go home? 5 signals to look for.

How to survive a long haul flight with toddlers.

My expat life in French Guiana

How much does life really cost in French Guiana?
Is French Guiana a safe place to live?

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