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The Adventure Book Ultimate Traveler’s Edition Review

Every travel lover who documents and collects memories from their travels will love the Ultimate Traveler’s Edition of the Adventure Book. And, of course, I am no exception. I’m a huge fan! Are you still hesitating to buy it? Or would you like to see what’s inside? In my detailed review you can check out all the features of this amazing travel journal, and decide for yourself whether it’s worth the investment (spoiler alert, it absolutely is!).

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The Adventure Book Ultimate Traveler’s Edition Review

A Quick Unpacking Overview

The book comes inside a branded cardboard box that I find very practical to keep the things stored before adding them inside. Or even some extra things that you still want to keep even though you don’t have enough space in the book itself.

Inside the box, under the book, there is also a print which says “Adventure Awaits”. You can frame it. I put mine on my desk. It’s a great reminder that there’s a world out there waiting for us to discover.

I also loved the book cover. The linen fabric makes it instantly a luxurious object that you can proudly display in your library, or on a coffee table. The size is slightly smaller than a coffee book: 8in (20,5cm) for 9.5in (24,5cm), but it’s still adapted to scrapbooking and has a lot of space for writing.

What’s Inside The Adventure Book

Nicole Nagelgast, the author, has meticulously designed this travel journal as a multifaceted tool to keep track of all your memories. Inside the book you will find journal/scrapbooking/drawing pages for each country and territory (295 in total).

Countries and territories can have full dedicated pages, or it can be a page for two. There are also a few pages dedicated to the 50 states of the US, 4 states for each page.

In addition to the creative part, there are also several bucket lists (world wonders, food, accommodations), and inspirational challenges and activities for your travels. Some of the funniest challenges include a scavenger hunt of objects you can find and stick in your travel book, and a flip through the book and traveling to the country when you stop.

And, of course, there are also maps and check-lists to have a visual track of your world exploration. If you feel that something is missing, don’t worry! At the end of the book there are a few extra pages where you can add anything you like.

Would you like to see more pages? Check out my go-through video!

My Impressions About The Adventure Book

The layout is both visually appealing and functional. Of course, it’s very plain, as YOU are ment to customize it with colors, stamps, prints, tickets, and whatever fits for you.

I really liked the inclusion of the independent/semi-independent territories, which makes it more complete compared to the pocket edition. My favorite was the whole page for French Guiana, where I’ve been living for more than 10 years.

The thing I appreciate the most about this book, is the fact that it will help you keep your memories alive. I have always collected stuff from my travels that often end up forgotten in a shoe box. Thanks to The Adventure Book, now I’m able to go through my travel memories in a very easy and practical way.

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Comparing The Two Editions Of The Adventure Book

In case you didn’t know, there are two editions of The Adventure Book. The ultimate traveler’s edition and the first edition. Let’s see what the main differences are:

  • The first edition is the size of a bullet journal (7.8in x 5in, 197mm x 125mm) and has 220 pages. Inside you will find the 196 independent states as well as a few challenges and travel trackers.
  • The ultimate traveler’s edition is wider (9.5in x 8in, 24,5cm x 20,5cm), it includes 68 independent territories, and has 288 pages. There are also more games/activities and trackers.

How To Choose The Right Edition Of the Adventure Book

So how do you choose which is the best edition for you? While the first edition of The Adventure Book is the perfect carry-on to write your journal on the go. Due to its larger size and weight, the ultimate traveler’s edition is a travel journal/scrapbook you can calmly complete once you are back home.

I personally prefer to wait until I’m home, and have the retrospection of the whole journey. After all, the writing space for each country is limited, so you have to fill the pages mindfully, even if there are many tricks to add a little extra space to each country.

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The Europe Edition And North America Edition

Are you living in the US? Or taking a gap year in Europe? Then you should consider adding the North America or Europe edition to your collection.

Both focusing on a specific geographical area, the two travel books are a great way to inspire you to thoroughly explore these awesome continents. There are specific checklists, like the national parks in both North America and Europe, or the landmarks’ bingo.

I fell completely in love with the ultimate traveler edition, so I’m considering offering myself the Europe edition as well. Maybe there will be a new review post soon! 😉

The Adventure Book Editions In A Glimpse

Still Questioning/Need Some Inspiration?

If, even after all the photos and the video, you are still unsure about buying it or not, check out #theadventurebook on Instagram and The Adventure Book official page for more inspiration. There are some lovely pages to be inspired from.

Or if you need ideas about bucket lists to add to the book, you can be inspired by our travel bucket list ideas.

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