eleousa campochiaro ruins of the administration building

The Best Rhodes Instagram Spots (+ a Map to Find Them)

A walled medieval city, amazing natural bays, and an incredible acropolis overlooking the sea. These are only a few of the many stunning Instagram spots you can find in Rhodes. In this blog post you can find them all, in geographical order starting from the north, and complete with a map.

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A Map to the Best Rhodes Instagram Spots

There is nothing better than a good map to help you find all the most instagrammable places in Rhodes, so here we go!

The Three Windmills of Mandraki

If Rhodes’ Colossus had survived the test of time, today it would be the best photo spot in Rhodes without any doubt. Instead, the star of Mandraki harbor today are the three famous windmills, lined on the walk to Saint Nicholas Fortress.

These windmills were built under the Knights of Saint John, around the 14th century. Documents attest that there were several at the time and they also served as defensive towers.

Nowadays, a symbol of Rhodes, the three famous windmills have been renovated and are an iconic spot to pass by.

The Grandmaster Palace

During the Middle Ages, the Knights of Saint John controlled Rhodes and built many fortresses that can still be admired throughout the island. The most famous of them all is undoubtedly the magnificent Grandmaster palace in Rhodes Old Town.

The castle was severely damaged during an explosion in 1856, when a gunpowder depot was struck by lighting. The palace stayed in ruins until the Italians, who took control of the island in 1912, rebuilt it.

There are several interesting photo drops, although the best ones are probably the main gate, the courtyard, and the main stair (on the left after the main entrance).

grandmaster palace in rhodes old town the courtyard

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

There are countless picturesque spots in Rhodes Old Town (and you can check them out in our Rhodes Old Town self guided walking tour), but the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is my absolute favorite with its awe-inspiring arches.

The imposing structure was anciently the hospital of the knights of Saint John. Nowadays, it features a large collection of objects. Its central courtyard is also perfect for taking beautiful photos of this Medieval building.

archaeological museum of rhodes main courtyard

Filerimos Monastery

Filerimos Monastery is one of the most overlooked attractions in Rhodes. Despite being an important cultural landmark, the Byzantine monastery is also the ideal location for taking some amazing photos.

First, because of the views. There are a few panoramic points where you can admire Rhodes coast up to the city, the Turkish coastline and Symi island. Second, Filerimos monastery. Besides the fascinating interiors, the monastery also has a picturesque courtyard and architecture.

And last, the lovely peacocks that live in the sacred site. There are so many of them! Always parading for the females’ attention, you will have the chance to see many males making the wheel. Sometimes they even do it for visitors, when there are no females around.

Kallithea Springs

If you like frames and geometric elements, Kallithea Springs is your go to for your Instagram photos. This delightful art déco complex was built by the Italians around 1920, on the natural springs of Kallithea that have been known since ancient times.

For a small fee, you can freely wander about the thermal buildings and take some jaw dropping photos. I highly recommend you to step inside the Rotonda Hall (down the main entrance stairs), and the exposition halls, where they also make wedding receptions.

Kallithea Springs is the ideal also for its rocky coastline. You can have a dip on one of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes, or tan under the sun.

Profitis Ilias View Point

Very appreciated by locals, but less known by tourists, Profitis Ilias is my favorite panoramic point in Rhodes. The breathtaking view will let you see from Kallithea Springs promontory to Afandou beach. But the best part is, of course, the view of the idyllic Anthony Quinn Bay and Ladiko beach.

There are several points on the promontory from where you can enjoy the breathtaking view. The pinned location will send you to a concrete platform near a World War II bunker where you will have Anthony Quinn Bay at your feet.

If you stop at the small parking lot, before arriving at the small church on top, on your right, you will have an amazing view of the southern coast, including Anthony Quinn Bay and Ladiko beach.

Anthony Quinn Bay

Hollywood star Anthony Quinn engraved its name in Rhodes history by acquiring the bay in the 60s. Luckily for us, the iconic bay became a public property again in 1984.

Anthony Quinn Bay with its rocky beach is definitely one of the most beautiful sights on the island. An advice if you like prefer crowd less pictures get there early. The beach is one of the most popular in Rhodes and it can get very crowded.

anthony quinn bay view from the right

Seven Springs

Epta Piges, which translates Seven Springs, is a quiet location in the hinterland where you can find a dam that is a very nice backdrop for your Instagram photos.

The funniest part is getting there. You can either walk through an underground tunnel for about 500 ft (150 mt) in complete darkness. If you are not claustrophobic, I highly recommend this experience. Or you can walk on the surface, which’s hilly ground, and reach the dam.

Once you are arrived, there is a wooden stair to get down to the waterfall. When taking your photos in front of the waterfall, be careful of the ground. It’s very slippery!

Urbex of Eleousa

Disclaimer: As for any time you are exploring urbex, venture forth responsibly, carefully, and within the boundaries of law.

Once known under the name of Campochiaro under Italian dominance, Eleousa is now a quiet village in the central mountains of Rhodes. What makes Eleousa interesting for incredible photos? The ghost buildings of the rectangular square where there is the orthodox church of Saint Karalampos.

Once the core of the Italian village, you can still enter inside the administration building and the complex of shops, houses, and even a screen room that are now completely abandoned.

Acropolis of Lindos

I personally preferred discovering Rhodes Old Town, but I must admit that Lindos is the most “instagrammable” location in Rhodes, and the Acropolis is the best location for the most memorable photos.

It could be because of the breathtaking views of the surroundings, or the ruins of the Greek buildings that overlook the sea. All I can say is that among all the acropolis that survived the test of time, this is probably a top contender for the title of Acropolis with the best views!

lindos acropolis view of the sea

Lindos Village

Lovers of the white cubique typical Greek villages, Lindos is perfect for you! The quaint cobbledstone streets lined with shops and restaurants are ideal to walk by and take memorable photos.

A top tip? Have a lunch break in one of the rooftop restaurants. The views are so good! Also, if you are spending more days on the island, remember to visit Lindos on a cruise-free day, it can be very crowded.

Monolithos Castle

The sea, a cliff, Monolithos fortress. I’m talking about one of the most unforgettable locations on the west coast. This fortress was built under the dominance of the Knights of Saint John, to control the southwestern coast of Rhodes.

The place is completely abandoned and left in ruins, but it maintained its charm. You can admire an unobstructed view of the western coast and the surrounding islands, and take some special photos by using the ruins of the castle as a frame.

There are so Many Spots in Rhodes to Discover

I was so surprised by the beauty of Rhodes, and I really understood all the hype this island gets. If you are still in the early phases of planning your trip, check out our 7-day itinerary covering so many amazing locations this island has to offer.

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