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Caorle Travel Guide, Venice Hidden Gem

Colorful houses, cute alleys, and nice beaches, Caorle is the sweet escape you didn’t know you need, just one hour away from Venice. This forgotten coastal town on the Adriatic Sea is a small jewel to discover away from the beaten path.

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Things to do in Caorle

Explore the Old Town

The old town has an enchanting and picturesque atmosphere. The narrow, winding streets are adorned with vibrant facades painted in pastel hues, creating a postcard-worthy backdrop at every turn. The town’s architecture reflects a mix of styles, ranging from Romanesque and Venetian Gothic to Renaissance influences, all blending harmoniously to create a unique aesthetic.

Caorle inhabitants are so careful to the aesthetic of their city that even the shop windows respect the harmony of colors. The result is a joy for the eyes! When exploring check out Rio Terra delle Botteghe (alley of the artisan shops), to find charming bars and restaurants.

things to do in caorle old town

Visit St. Stephen Cathedral

One of the most prominent architectural gems in Caorle Old Town is St. Stephen Cathedral. The imposing Romanesque Church was built in the 11th century, and perfectly preserves paintings and frescoes that were added through the years. While visiting don’t miss out the Last Supper by Gregorio Lazzarini.

St. Stephen Cathedral is absolutely worth visiting also for another reason: the bell tower. From the height of its 42 meters the tower has an amazing view on the town and the sea. You can go to the highest point for a small fee.

Fun fact: the bell tower is slightly leaning, reminding Pisa’s Tower.

things to do in caorle st stephen cathedral

Stroll to the Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel

Following the legend the statue of the Madonna was retrieved from the sea to decor the iconic church. Legend or not the small but charming Church is one of the most remarkable landmarks in Caorle.

Situated between the Old Town and the Eastern beaches, the bell tower was even used as a lighthouse in the past. Nowadays the Church welcome visitors and faithful alike.

santuario della madonna dell angelo caorle Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel

Admire the Creations of Scogliera Viva Festival

Every two years Caorle welcomes sculptors from all around the world to their Scogliera Viva Festival (translates as Live Reef). But why is this festival so special? Following the many editions through the years, the promenade has become an open air museum.

On the many rocks that protect the shore from the erosion and storms, the most famous sculptors from all around the world have left their marks to create beautiful works of art. The walk is very long and you can arrive to the Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel.

scogliera viva festival things to do in caorle

Sunbath on Riviera Adriatica’s Beaches

Since the beginning of the 20th century Caorle has been one of the most appreciated coastal cities nearby Venice for enjoying the beach and sunbathing. The town has two large beaches: Spiaggia Levante (Eastern) and Spiaggia Ponente (Western).

Their gold and fine sand makes it perfect for sunbathing, careful on the hottest hours though, the sand becomes very hot! The beach is ideal for kids as the sea slopes very gently, this is common for the Italian beaches on the Adriatic Sea.

You can either rent a sunbed and umbrella or go with your towel for free. No matter the option you will choose you are sure to spend a lovely moment!

spiaggia di caorle beaches

Enjoy Aquafollie Water Park

Are you up to some Aquafun? Then Aquafollie Water Park is perfect for you! The complex has 6 adult slides and all the entertainment you need also for smaller children.

The park has also a wave pool and aerobics and aqua gym sessions. It also has a mini club service from 12 AM to 2 PM and a kids area designed specifically for the little ones.

If you are interested in visiting Aquafollie, reserve your tickets online to have a reduction.

aquafollie water park things to do in caorle

When is the best time to visit?

You can visit at every time of the year, but if you want to enjoy some beach-sun-sea time, of course, Summer months are the best. Keep in mind that that’s also the period with the most tourists, but of course the town is still completely enjoyable.

Where to stay in Caorle?

The town isn’t very large. But yet if you are planning to spend some time relaxing on the beach, you should be choosing one of the many hotels along the shore, that have also their private beach. Note: the access to their umbrella and sunbeds is often sold separately from the rooms. Check out directly with the hotel to learn more about their renting price.

If you want to treat yourself to an unforgettable stay, the Marco Polo Hotel is the right solution for you! Their rooftop pool is perfect for admiring the sunset and you can reserve for free the hotel’s bikes (upon availability).

A more budget friendly accommodation is the Erika Hotel, with your reservation you also have an umbrella and 2 sunbeds reserved. Their breakfast buffet is also excellent!

trattoria al mare restaurant in caorle
Trattoria al Mare one of the excellent restaurants in Caorle.

Day trips from Caorle

Caorle is very close to Venice, in less than two hours you can reach the Floating City with public transports or in one hour with a taxi/car.

For an immersive adventure in the surrounding lagoon, check out Valle Vecchia (Old Valley) reserve. The beach is wilder than the others and the lagoon landscape is very different. Interested in discovering the Natural Reserve? This guided bike tour will let you discover all the lagoon’s secrets.

Discover an hidden gem nearby Venice

Prepare to be captivated by the enchantment of this Adriatic coastal town, Caorle is an ideal escape to relax for a few days. Are you planning a trip to Italy soon? Check out our itineraries and travel guides for planning the perfect trip.

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