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50 A-maize-ing Fall puns that your readers will love!

Are you ready for some unbe-leaf-able puns about your favorite season? Fall puns are here and they can’t wait to be used! I feel I’m the pump-king (I should have said queen, but then it wouldn’t work), of falling leaves season. So don’t hesitate to save this post in your favorites and use it for your amazing shots of the red and yellow season. Grab your camera and let’s start!

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Short Fall Puns

It’s time to squash those worries.

Isn’t this the most wonder-fall season?!

This season is truly magi-corn.

Aww-tumn is here!

Don’t be afraid to fall.

Crop it like it’s hot.

Fall is unbeliev-apple.

Here today, corn tomorrow.

Seeds the day.

You autumn know.

Cute Fall Puns for your beloved one

Stay cozy and fall in love.

Pie love you.

Are you fall real?

I’m Fall-ing for you.

I want s’more of your love.

I’m nuts about you.

Finally found my apple-y ever after.

I’ll never leaf you.

I miss you a latte!

You are the apple of my pie.

Autumn-atic about you.

Fun Fall Puns

I’m acorn-y person.

Autumn is leaf-tiful.

Do nut worry, be happy!

I’m corn-fused about all these colors.

Hay there!

Are you oak-ay? Yes, I’m pine.

You can chai everything!

Orange you glad it’s Fall?

Feeling gourd.

Oh my gourd!

Photo from credits Hasan Albari.

Autumn Puns for Baddies

Resting witch face.

Take it or leaf it.

Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about

Falling leaves, rising spirits.

Spice spice baby.

Let’s harvest some good times.

Drink up witches.

witch fall puns
Photo from credits Monstera Production.

Movie Title that makes Perfect Puns

Gourd of the Rings.
Lord of the Rings.

Fall Street.
Wall Street.

Fall Metal Jacket.
Full Metal Jacket.

The Maize Runner.
The Maze Runner.

Pie Hard.
Die Hard.

The Amazing Cider-Man.
The Amazing Spider Man.

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It’s a wrap of the best Fall Puns!

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