Rorota Trail

Hiking the Rorota Trail, an epic hike to see Nature

Nature reigns in French Guiana. And if you need proof of that you don’t have to go far. In fact, a few kilometers from Cayenne the region’s capital, many trails cross the lush coastal vegetation. One of the most famous is without a doubt the Rorota Trail. Running on Rorota Mountain, the trail will let you discover one of the wildest forests of Cayenne’s peninsula.

How to arrive at the Rorota Trail

You can reach the parking of Rorota and the beginning of the trail if you arrive from Cayenne on la route des plages (beaches road). Then take the right on le cheminement du Rorota (Rorota path), after about 800 meters you will arrive at the Rorota parking. You can leave your car there and start your trail.

Rorota Trail
Squirrel monkey known as Saimiri

Some practical information about Rorota

Trail length: 5,6 kilometers + 400 meters of disconnected path
Elevation gain: 149 meters
Level: easy
Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Trail type: circular

Even if the trail is easy, it gets muddy and slippery during the rainy season. Sometimes due to the torrential rains, there may be the risk of landslides. Always verify if there are alerts on the trail panels before starting your hike. And don’t forget to bring water to stay hydrated.

How easy is the trail really?

Really if the terrain isn’t wet. In fact, it is so easy we were able to make it with a stroller. Although, there are some steps along the trail when you will have to carry it.

The trail

The trail takes its name from Rorota Lake, an artificial basin that is still used by the city of Cayenne to resource water during the dry season. Nowadays when walking you can see three main lakes (Lac du Rorota, Lac de Lalouette, Lac de Remire) and many streams and small waterfalls.

Once you have parked your car, you will see on the right, the beginning of the trail. There is also a panel with a map. Be prepared, the first 400 meters are full of holes and roots. It’s really easy to stumble if you are not careful.

After this short section, you will find yourself in front of a second panel, this is the beginning of the 5,6 kilometers trail. My advice is to start the trail from the right. Despite the first part climbing more quickly, the second half of the trail will be downhill, allowing you to enjoy the panoramic views.

Rorota Trail
One of the most beautiful waterfalls on the trail

Along the first part, you will see the treatment station of Cayenne’s used waters, and the first two lakes Remire and Lalouette. A few meters after Lalouette, you will find the junction to Fort Diamant parking. Continue on the left, the best is yet to come!

The next view on the walk is Lac Rorota. The largest water basin you will see on the trail. If you are willing to stop, there is a carbet (wooden structure) where you can sit and eat. Otherwise, you can continue your walk along the path.

The best part is for the end: a slight descent, with a few panoramic points on Remire beaches and islands.

What you will see

This trail is one of the best to spot a few wild animals like sloths, squirrel monkeys, tamarins, and agoutis, but also many insects, like morphos and spiders. Birds also, like hummingbirds and southern white-fringed antwrens.

We saw all the above-mentioned (except hummingbirds) both times we visited. And this, besides all the joggers that come here for their daily run. Surprisingly the animals are quite accustomed to humans. If you are interested in observing animals, try to make as less sounds as possible and be attentive to the small noises. Keep in mind that they may reveal an animal hidden.

In addition to the animals, you will see also many types of tropical trees and depending on the season flowers. From July to November, search for the magnificent Heliconia Rostrata or the rare Pachystachys coccinea.

During the rainy season from December to June the ground is covered with beautiful grains. Some of them are great for making jewels or ornaments and even dream catchers. If you want to try making some of these, or simply you want to keep them, remember to wash your grains and let them dry in the sun.

Close to one of the most beautiful panoramic points you can also see mombin fruits. They are monkeys’ favorites and that’s where you have the most chance to see them. Keep an eye on the upper branches when passing.

Become one with Nature on the Rorota Trail

Very easy to explore and close to the city so you don’t have to drive for hours, the Rorota trail is indeed an interesting activity to do if you are staying more than one day in the Cayenne area. You can easily combine this excursion with a visit to Remire Montjoly beach. The one that you can see from the panoramic points.

Apart from this, there is a lot to explore in French Guiana! Are you new to this blog? Make sure to check the French Guiana page for more inspiration on day trips and activities in this beautiful and wild region.

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