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The Ultimate Guide to the Most Instagrammable Places in Stockholm

Welcome to Stockholm, the enchanting capital of Sweden! From its vibrant waterfronts to its picturesque streets, there are so many incredible Stockholm photography spots you will not want to miss! So grab your camera and get ready to explore the most Instagrammable places in Stockholm, where beauty, culture, and creativity intertwine.

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Stockholm Metro Stations

Entry fee: Stockholm Travelcards

In Stockholm the metro system is much more than a mode of transportation. In reality, it’s also an underground art gallery that delights both locals and visitors.

Many of the metro stations feature captivating artwork, vibrant murals, and unique designs, adding a touch of creativity and color to the daily commute.

Among the most impressive stations to visit how not to mention T-Centralen, Solna Centrum, and Kungsträdgården?! But there are so many more to see!

In this detailed blog post, I’ve included the 13 most beautiful metro stations in Stockholm with pictures so that you can easily create your metro bucket list.

t centralen stockholm photography spots

Stortorget in Gamla Stan

Entry fee: free

Stortorget is the main square of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town. Among all the most iconic places in Stockholm this is probably the most evocative together with the Vasa Museum.

The colorful square will transport you back in time with its rich history and undeniable charm. As you step onto the cobblestone streets and admire the facades of the buildings, you will feel the enchant of the medieval atmosphere that permeates the square.

Although not all the buildings are medieval, the majority of them was built in the same architectural style, except of course for Stockholm Stock Exchange Building, that now host the Nobel Prize Museum.

The vibrant hues provide a stunning backdrop for your Instagram photos, especially when the sunlight casts a warm glow upon them. Whether you capture the square bustling with activity or find a quiet corner to showcase its timeless beauty, Stortorget is one of the most iconic photographic places in Stockholm.

stortorget things to do in gamla stan walking tour

Prästgatan and Gamla Stan narrow streets

Entry fee: free

Exploring the narrow streets of Gamla Stan is like stepping into a fairytale. Among these charming alleys, Prästgatan stands out as a hidden gem that embodies the essence of Stockholm’s past.

The red, yellow, and orange medieval buildings, the ornate details adorning the doorways and windows. Everything remind of a past time. Well almost everything! Among the lovely bars and restaurants you will also find souvenirs shops.

The perfect place to take some photos while shopping at the same time. In the evening, the soft glow of lanterns illuminates Prästgatan, casting a magical ambiance that is simply irresistible.

most instagrammable places in stockholm photography spot


Entry fee: free

Are you seeking breathtaking panoramic views of Stockholm? Then you will love Monteliusvägen! Perched atop the hill of Södermalm, this scenic walking path offers a stunning vista of the city’s skyline, stretching from the iconic spires of Gamla Stan and Riddarholmen to the serene waters of Lake Mälaren.

The 500 meters long panoramic walk features charming Swedish houses on one side and uninterrupted vistas on the other. Whether you choose to visit during the golden hour at sunrise or the enchanting twilight of sunset, the ever-changing light creates a magical ambiance that enhances the beauty of the landscape.

monteliusvagen most instagrammable places in Stockholm photography spots
Photo from Pixabay.com. Credits to Hassan Alarady.

Riddarholmen water front view

Entry fee: free

For an awe-inspiring panoramic view of Stockholm’s picturesque skyline, head to the East waterfront area of Riddarholmen. At the opposite of Gamla Stan the area has stunning views of Stockholm’s City Hall and Sodermalm.

After taking some shoots consider having lunch or dinner at the panoramic restaurant on board of the amazing Mälardrottningen Yatch Hotel. Mälardrottningen was also the hotel we choose for our Stockholm stay and I couldn’t be happier with our choice!

Weather you are going at the golden hour or during the day you are sure that you will have some incredible views in Riddarholmen.

the view of Sodermalm from Riddarholmen.

Stockholm City Hall

Entry fee (for entering): Guided tours – Stadshuset

Stockholm City Hall, known as Stadshuset, stands proudly on the waterfront of Kungsholmen Island. Besides being an iconic landmark Stockholm’s City Hall hosts also the prestigious Nobel Prize banquet.

While the interior boasts stunning mosaics, golden accents, and sweeping staircases, the exterior features ornate brickwork, arches, and sculptures.

You could either reserve a guided tour inside Stadshuset, or take some photos from Riddarholmen to photograph the whole majestic building.

stockholm city hall stadshuset most instagrammable places in stockholm photography spots

Hallwyl Museum

Entry fee: Admissions and tickets – Hallwylska museet

Wanna have a peak into the life of the rich society of Stockholm in the early 1900? Step into the Hallwyl Museum and be transported to a bygone era of opulence and luxury.

Housed inside a beautifully preserved building, this museum offers a glimpse into the extravagant lifestyle of a wealthy Stockholm family from the late 19th century.

The interiors are an incredible collection of ancient furniture and exquisite artwork. From the intricate details of the ornate ceilings to the rich textures of the tapestries, every corner of the Hallwyl Museum can become the ideal set for memorable photos.

Pro tip: if you can, dress with a dark cape like the personnel inside the museum. The “wow” effect on your pictures is guaranteed!

hallwyl museum most instagrammable places in stockholm best photography spots

Brunkeberg Tunnel

Entry fee: free

One of the most unique photo spots in Stockholm is the Brunkeberg Tunnel. This underground pedestrian passage is no ordinary walkway. Its sleek geometric design creates a futuristic and visually striking backdrop.

The tunnel’s colorful LED lights add an element of vibrancy and dynamism, transforming it into an otherworldly setting that is a true feast for the eyes.

Tips for visiting: Brunkeberg Tunnel has become very popular and you may find many tourists and people during the day. Try to go late in the afternoon as regular people have finished to work and there are also less tourists around.

brunkeberg tunnel most instagrammable places in stockholm photo spots
Photo by Ash Carmas. Follow her on Instagram.

Stockholms Stadsbibliotek

Entry fee: free

There are many iconic buildings in Stockholm, Swedish design is absolutely top notch, but Stockholms Stadsbibliotek (City Library) is one of the most ideal for passionate photographers and Instagrammers.

Designed by the renowned architect Gunnar Asplund the library is a testament to modernist architecture. Its cylindrical shape and intricate facade, draw the eye, inviting you to capture the library’s unique blend of form and function.

As you explore the exterior, the play of light and shadows across the facade creates a dynamic interplay that adds depth and visual interest to your photos.

Stockholms Stadsbibliotek is a very popular photographic spot in Stockholm, nevertheless remember you are in a library and be respectful of people quietly studying and reading.

most instagrammable places in stockholms stadsbibliotek
Photo by Ash Carmas. Follow her on Instagram.

Djurgården Blue Gate

Entry fee: free

As you make your way into Djurgården, from Swedish the Game Park, you’ll be greeted by a magnificent iron blue gate that serves as a gateway to the ancient kings park.

The grandeur of the gate is truly awe-inspiring, with its beautiful design and golden accents. After taking a shot or two don’t forget to admire Ostermalm’s waterfront.

Djurgården Blue Gate’s position is interesting also for another reason. In fact, it’s situated just a few minutes away from the amazing Vasa Museum and the beautiful Nordiska Museum’s exhibits. Don’t forget to visit them before leaving!

blue gate djurgarden most instagrammable places in stockholm best photo spots


Entry fee: included in Go City Pass.

Nestled on Djurgården Island, Skansen is an enchanting open-air museum that brings Sweden’s cultural heritage to life. Spanning over 75 acres, this unique attraction showcases traditional Swedish houses, farms, and workshops from various regions of the country.

As you wander through Skansen, you’ll be transported back in time, immersing yourself in the customs, traditions, and crafts of Sweden’s past. The picturesque landscapes, lush gardens, and charming streets of this living museum provide an ideal backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos.

From capturing the intricate details of the historic buildings to posing with costumed actors, Skansen offers countless opportunities to capture the timeless beauty and cultural richness of Sweden.

skansen most instagrammable places in stockholm photography spots


Entry fee: included in Go City Pass.

Located in the heart of Stockholm, Fotografiska is much more than a museum, it’s a sensory experience. For art lovers and passionate about photography the museum is indeed very interesting.

The museum’s galleries are adorned with state-of-the-art lighting and carefully curated displays. From capturing the intricate details of thought-provoking photographs to framing the innovative installations that adorn the walls, Fotografiska offers endless opportunities to capture the beauty and creativity of the photographic art form.

Fotografiska hasn’t a permanent exhibition, but you can check out what’s on display and what will be in the future on their website: Welcome to Fotografiska Stockholm.

Note: The access to the museum from Slussen Metro Station is not easy to find. The metro station is currently under renovation. In the future it should be easier to get to the waterfront and Fotografiska entrance. The entry ticket is quite expensive (about 20€), you can save money thanks to the Go City Pass.

fotografiska most instagrammable places in stockholm photography spots


Entry fee: free

Stockholm raises on archipelago, and for this reason it may look hilly. But there are a very few places that have Fjällgatan’s incredible view. This scenic overlook situated in the Södermalm district, offers one of the best panoramic views of the city’s islands.

When is the best time to visit? There are a few doubts that at dawn or sunset the warm colors of the sky, the shimmering lights of the cityscape, and the vast expanse of the archipelago create a picture-perfect setting.

Don’t forget to capture the charming wooden houses that line the streets and the verdant landscapes that surround the overlook, adding an extra layer of natural beauty to your Instagram feed.

fjallgatan view point most instagrammable places in Stockholm photography spots
Photo credits to Siyuant. License.

Avicii Arena

Entry fee: included in Go City Pass.

Situated a few minutes away from the city center, the Avicii Arena (formerly known as the Ericsson Globe) is an architectural marvel that offers a unique perspective on the city.

The white bubble is the largest spherical building on Earth and as you can imagine the view from the top is absolutely incredible! How to go on top? With the SkyView bubbles. These lifts that have the same round shape of the Arena will bring you on the top of the globe where you will see the most amazing views.

SkyView tickets are included in your Go City Pass. Although, if you are traveling during the high season and not convinced about buying the Go City Pass you can consider make the reservation and booking directly on their site: SkyView.

avicii arena sky view the most instagrammable places in stockholm
Photo by Kallerna. License.

Snösätra Graffiti Wall of Fame

Entry fee: free

It will take you about 40 minutes to get to Snösätra from the city center. But if you have the time, it’s absolutely worth it! The Snösätra Graffiti Wall of Fame is a paradise for street art enthusiasts.

This ever-evolving outdoor gallery is an explosion of creativity through vibrant murals and captivating graffiti pieces from local and international artists. From larger-than-life murals that depict intricate narratives to bold and expressive graffiti tags that showcase the individual styles of artists, Snösätra Graffiti Wall of Fame offers an endless array of Instagram-worthy shots.

Every visit to this dynamic art space is a unique experience, as new artworks replace old ones, ensuring that each snapshot captures a moment in time within the vibrant world of street art.

snosatra graffiti wall of fame most instagrammable places in stockholm
Photo by Markéta Novotná. License.

Jumbo Stay Hotel

Entry fee: Check out offers and prices on Expedia and Booking

For an extraordinary and unforgettable Instagram-worthy experience, the Jumbo Stay Hotel, nearby Arlanda International Airport, will not disappoint you!

This one-of-a-kind accommodation is housed inside a converted Boeing 747 jumbo jet. From the moment you step on board, you’ll be amazed by the transformation of the airplane into a stylish and cozy hotel.

The Jumbo Stay offers a range of accommodations, including dormitory-style rooms, private cabins, and even a cockpit suite for aviation enthusiasts.

jumbo stay unusual stay in stockholm best photo spots
Photo credits to Bahnfrend. License

One last word about the Most Instagrammable places in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city that knows how to make an impression, both through its stunning architecture and natural beauty. From the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan to the captivating views at Monteliusvägen, this city offers many different activities to do and photography spots for breathtaking shots. So, pack your camera, and create your best memories in Stockholm most Instagrammable places. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #VisitStockholm to share your experiences with the world!

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