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Become one with nature at French Guiana Zoo

French Guiana has one of the richest fauna and flora density in the world. Its surface is almost entirely covered by the Amazonian rain forest. It’s a basin of life. Unfortunately the high density of plants and trees makes it difficult to observe animals in their natural habitat. Home to more than 75 species, French Guiana zoo is a beautiful showcase of the fauna that populates this wild region of France.

How to reach French Guiana Zoo

The zoo is situated nearby Macouria. If you’re coming from Cayenne you have to take the road on the left right after the VITO gas station. While from Kourou It’s on your right once you passed by Macouria. You’ll have 10 more minutes on the road.

As the visit lasts between 2 and 3 hours, you may add more stops. In the map down below I’ve highlighted my 3 favourite activities you may combine to your day trip :

– The ruins of the Annamites prison camp, if you’re looking for a mix of nature and history.
Montsinery Hydro base is for adventure seekers, fly over the Montsinery river and its surroundings.
Crique Patate, to have a picnic or chill in the beautiful waters.

Things you should know before your visit

Would you like to see a caiman running for its lunch? Or a jaguar’s jaws in action? French Guiana Zoo does the feeding of some animals during the opening hours. Down below you can find the calendar. Note that due to meteorological conditions or other external events the feedings may change schedule.

JAGUAR : Every day at 10 AM.

TAPIR : Wednesday at 3 PM.

CAIMANS : Saturday at 3 PM.

The zoo is opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 AM to 5.30 PM. There is a small shop that sells fresh sodas and drinks but there is no restaurant. The site is shaded overall. And there may be mosquitoes in some area, bring an insect repellent If you wish. Although I survived just fine without never using it till now.

For more information check the Zoo’s website.

Explore French Guiana Zoo : What to expect

Animals and much more! Along the 2.500 km path that brings you through the zoo, you’ll see many different plants and trees. Some of them directly from the rain forest. There’s also a canopy walk 400 metres long. You can walk among the trees and If you’re lucky you’ll meet wild monkeys. The zoo has also an aviary. You can walk in the middle of red ibis, just be careful when passing under their nests. You never know what may be dropped on you ! ;P

You can download the zoo’s map. And don’t forget to ↓ check our virtual tour ↓

Are you still looking for more inspiration ? This is why you should add French Guiana to your bucket list. Or you can find more travel inspiration from all around the globe. Liked this post? Let me know in comments and pin it for your next visit!

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