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Where to stay in Petra? The Best Hotels in Petra for a Wonder-ful stay

Congratulations, you finally booked that ticket to your bucket list destination: the Rose City of Petra. Be prepared to put yourself in the shoes of Indiana Jones and explore one of the most incredible wonders of the world. The ancient Nabatean city of Petra is an archaeological site very close to Wadi Musa, where all the hotels are. As one of the most touristy sites in the world there are several accommodations, but which are the best hotels in Petra, and how to choose among them? In this guide we compare all the things you should consider when making a reservation. Let’s go!

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Best Luxury Hotel

Having to pick only one hotel from this list is an hard task, but probably I’d go with Petra Marriott Hotel because of the views it has on the surrounding mountains.

Best Mid-Range Hotel

More in the high-mid-range Petra Guest House is unbeatable for its position a few meters outside Petra entrance. Need another winning point? Its cave bar! I mean, when will you have another chance to drink a cocktail inside a 2000 old cave?!

where to stay in petra best hotels in petra hotels near petra entrance the triclinum and little petra

The most beautiful hotels in Petra, Wadi Musa

One of the most important things to consider when booking a night in Wadi Musa, is its proximity to the visitors center. Believe me when I say that after spending a whole day walking, the distance from the tourist center to your hotel will be very VERY important!

Following this logic, the comparative table and hotels list are sorted by the hotel’s closeness to the entrance of Petra, I even added a column with the exact distance.

Good to know: All the hotels mentioned can pack lunch boxes that you can bring inside Petra, that’s a good alternative to the very expensive official kiosks inside.

Hotel NameBooking scorePetra DistancePool + Spa*Price range
4⭐ Petra Guest House8,80 m€€
5⭐ Mövenpick Resort Petra8,6240 m🏊 + 💆🏻‍♀️€€-€€€
3⭐ Edom Hotel8,9300 m💆🏻‍♀️€-€€
5⭐ Petra Moon Luxury Hotel9,3350 m🏊 + 💆🏻‍♀️€€-€€€
5⭐ H Luxury Hotel9,5550m🏊€€-€€€
3⭐ Town Season Hotel9,61,4 km€-€€
5⭐ The Old Village Hotel & Resort9,42,6 km🏊 + 💆🏻‍♀️€€
5⭐ Petra Marriott Hotel8,83,7 km🏊 + 💆🏻‍♀️€€-€€€
5⭐ Petra Bubble Luxotel8,411 km🔥🛁€€

The Best Hotels in Petra (closest hotel to Petra Entrance first)

Petra Guest House

Petra Guest House is strategically built literally a few meters to the visitors center. It’s the closest you can be to the Rose City. The rooms are clean and they have an abundant breakfast buffet.

The hotel has probably the oldest bar location in the world! In fact their cave bar is situated inside a 2000 years old Nabatean carved cave. Hotel’s guests have a discount at the restaurant, which can be an excellent experience even if you are an external visitor.

If you have mobility issues, the hotel maybe isn’t ideal for you as it has no elevators and some rooms have many stairs to climb. Don’t worry about luggage though, personnel is there to help you.

Check out prices/book your stay at Petra Guest House.

Wondering how dining inside a 2000 years old Nabatean cave would look like? ⬇️

Mövenpick Resort Petra

Mövenpick is a guarantee of quality and luxury all around the world and they make no exception in Petra. Their luxurious hotel is just a few meters outside Petra gates making it a great deal for the early birds.

As a luxury hotel, Mövenpick sets the bar high with its Middle Eastern delightful decor and interiors, its delicious food, and high quality services.

Check out prices/book your stay at Mövenpick Resort Petra.

Edom Hotel

A budget friendly choice providing a very good service. Edom Hotel is one of the best compromises between quality and price you will find in Wadi Rum. Rooms are simple, but clean and spacious, and the breakfast buffet is very abundant and good.

The hotel is also still very close to Petra entrance on Tourist Street, the area is full of typical Jordanian restaurants (Jordan cuisine is excellent!) and souvenirs shops.

Check out prices/book your stay at Edom Hotel.

Petra Moon Luxury Hotel

Another great solution to luxuriously rest after a tiring day is Petra Moon Luxury Hotel. The rooms are very beautiful and large, they have an excellent continental buffet for every tastes. The rooftop pool is ideal also to relax after the long hours under Petra’s sun.

Don’t let the booking.com map fool you! The hotel is NOT situated just outside the entrance, you will have to get out from the tourist center and have a short 3-4 minutes walk. The hotel’s position is still one of the best in Wadi Musa.

Check out prices/book your stay at Petra Moon Luxury Hotel.

H Luxury Hotel

The H Luxury Hotel is a brand new luxury hotel in Petra. The hotel is top notch quality but still unfinished, like the spa services aren’t available yet. But there are no doubts that this will be one of the best hotels in Petra once it’s over!

Many guests who have already stayed there, loved the hotel to the point that H Luxury Hotel is one of the highest rated hotels in Petra! The only downside of staying there is the gentle slope you will have to climb after your exploration in Petra, but the jacuzzi and pool will cheer you up.

Check out prices/book your stay at H Luxury Hotel.

One of Petra’s lovely inhabitants.

Town Season Hotel

Situated in the city center of Wadi Musa, the Town Season Hotel is a bit far from the entrance of Petra. If you don’t have a car or are not willing to cross the 1,4 kilometers on foot, the hotel as a shuttle which is available for an extra fee.

What makes the Town Season Hotel one of the best in Petra is its great compromise between quality and price. You will think you’ve stepped in a luxurious hotel when you actually payed half the price than if you stayed in a 5 stars hotel. Of course the hotel don’t have a pool or spa, but for the price that’s normal and completely forgivable.

Check out prices/book your stay at Town Season Hotel.

The Old Village Hotel & Resort

The Old Village Hotel & Resort is a secluded property very close to the King’s Highway and Wadi Musa Northern part. The resort has an excellent position for a panoramic view of Wadi Musa, although that means it’s quite far from Petra entrance. To bring its guests to the Rose City, the hotel has a free shuttle to Petra visitor’s center.

The outdoor pool, which is adults only, and the relaxing area are perfect for relaxing (be careful to the sun!) as an alternative to exploring Petra all day long. For families, the hotel has an indoor pool with a bar. The rooms are also beautifully decorated giving the hotel an extra luxurious touch.

Check out prices/book your stay at The Old Village Hotel & Resort.

The view of Wadi Musa and The Old Village Hotel and Resort (you can see the pool).

Petra Marriott Hotel

Generally I’d recommend Hotels that are close to the entrance, so why am I recommending Petra Marriott Hotel? The reason is very simple: the view! The mountains that delimit the border between Aqaba and Ma’an regions create a surreal landscape which is typical in Southern Jordan (especially in Wadi Rum area).

Marriott has an amazing view on the surrounding area and is on the King’s Highway which is practical to continue your journey to the South.

As a 5 star hotel Petra Marriott Hotel has beautiful large rooms and an impeccable customer service. The pool area is perfect for relaxing and the opening time are also ideal as it closes at 8 PM allowing you to rest after a FULL day of exploration in Petra.

Check out prices/book your stay at Petra Marriott Hotel.

Petra Bubble Luxotel (perfect for couples 💑)

Nearby Little Petra, North from the ancient Nabatean city, Petra Bubble Luxotel is a bubbles camp! Just like Marriott, Luxotel benefits from an excellent view on the surrounding mountains even if Luxotel is North from Petra and Wadi Musa.

The bubbles are spacious and very private and they all come with a jacuzzi which makes this accommodation ideal for couples who are planning a romantic escape. The hotel is far from Petra entrance but they have a free shuttle which will lead you to the entrance. The system which keep the bubbles up may be a bit noisy. If you can bring you earplugs for a perfect beauty sleep.

Did you know? Bubbles are one of the coolest accommodations in Wadi Rum! If you are traveling there check out our selection of the best bubbles in Wadi Rum.

Check out prices/book your stay at Petra Bubble Luxotel.

Things to consider when deciding where to stay in Petra

The hotel must be near Petra entrance (visitor center), or have a shuttle. This is very important as I already mentioned as at the end of the day you will be pretty tired of all the walking, climbing, and cooking under the sun. Any extra meter to your hotel room will look endless, unless of course you are taking a taxi.

Many hotels that are far from the visitor’s center provide a shuttle (most often free). Although you will be linked to their schedule.

Do you really need a pool or spa center? Even though I love traveling in style and comfort I feel like in Petra some extra luxuries like a spa or pool won’t be necessary. And most pools and spa centers close around 6 PM. Unless you sacrifice some precious time from your wandering you won’t be able to enjoy those services.

I’d prefer investing in a good spa treatment on the shores of the Red Sea in Aqaba, or indulge in some curative baths on the Dead Sea.

The best luxury hotels in Aqaba
Relaxing in Aqaba. Treat yourself in Aqaba at one of these luxurious hotels.

So where will you stay in Petra?

I hope this article helped you clear your mind about the accommodations Wadi Musa offers. Once you have established your budget it should be very easy to pick the right choice for you! If you are planning a trip to Jordan check out our travel guides for more helpful advices.

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