the best colosseum photo spots in rome

Are You Looking for the Best Colosseum Photo Spot? I’ll give you 9!

The Eternal City is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! And capturing its beauty is one of the funniest things to do (that’s why I wrote this practical guide about the best photo spots in Rome). But are you looking for the best Colosseum photo spot? There are so many, all ideal to take the perfect photo! Let’s see them.

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Where are the best Colosseum spots?

To help you find easily the best Colosseum spots I’ve created a map that will help you locate them. The North-West area surrounding the Colosseum is currently under renovation works for the new metro station that will be opened in 2025. But do not despair: the views from Largo Gaetana Agnesi and Via Nicola Salvi aren’t impacted!

Largo Gaetana Agnesi

Largo Gaetana Agnesi is the most popular point to take pictures of the Colosseum. The square has a nice terrace on the Colosseum which is contained by very large walls where you can easily climb to take some memorable shots (of course be careful!)

The place is very well known and there are always many people taking photos there, but don’t worry there is enough place for everyone. The best hour to take this picture is early in the morning when the sun lights up the Eastern facade and you will have a nice golden/pink sky.

best colosseum tours and why you should book them

Via Nicola Salvi

Just a few meters from Largo Gaetana Agnesi you can descend to the Colosseum level from via Nicola Salvi. The view can be more hidden by the overgrown trees but the view is still beautiful and absolutely worth it.

From via Nicola Salvi you arrive behind the entrance of the Colosseum which will be on your right. If you go down on the left you will get to the stairs on the East side, which are indeed another great spot to photograph the Colosseum!

best colosseum photo spot via nicola salvi
Photo from Credits to Gonzalo Mendiola.

Stairs on the East side

The stairs on the East side of the Colosseum are above the public toilets, that’s how I’ve marked them on the map by the way. The view from there is unobstructed and ideal for your pictures in the morning when the sun hit the facade.

Note: the area is often crowded by unlicensed street vendors, mind your belongings when admiring the landscape and taking pictures.

best colosseum photo spot the east side

Terrazza Belvedere del Palatino

As its name says the Nice view Terrace (literally translated from Terrazza Belvedere) on the Palatine Hill has one of the best panoramic views in Rome.

On one side you have the Roman Forum, while on the other side you will see the sacred alley with the Colosseum on the background. In your photos it will look like you went back in time!

Always on the Palatine Hill you can get closer to the Colosseum, on the other side of the hill. But honestly I think the best view is on the point I marked on the map as you have the other ancient buildings framing the Colosseum.

palatine hill roman forum best photo spots in rome

Piazza di Santa Francesca Romana

Inside the Palatine Hill and Colosseum Archaeological Park there is my personal favorite view: the terrace in front of the Temple of Venus which was once an ancient square called Santa Francesca Romana.

To get the access you will have to book a ticket to the Roman Forums, I recommend you these tickets that include the access to the Colosseum as well.

Once you are inside (from the Eastern access) you will have to go up to the Temple of Venus. There you will find the 2000 old structure waiting for you. If you have the choice the late afternoon light is perfect as the sun will be behind you.

piazza di santa francesca romana best colosseum photo spot

Arch of Constantine

The Arch of Constantine is situated South West the Colosseum. If you get up early enough in the morning you can have a nice all alone picture of the arch with the Colosseum behind.

But as you can imagine the area gets crowded in no time and it will be more difficult to get a nice portrait of you with the two monuments.

arch of constantine best colosseum photo spots
Photo from Credits to Zul Ahadi.

Via Celio Vibenna

Via Celio Vibenna is a large road that contours the South area of the Colosseum. If you climb the stairs to get on it you will find a very nice view of the Colosseum.

To have the best light you should go in the morning. Don’t worry too much about the crowds as they are mainly on the pedestrian area.

via celio vibenna best colosseum photo spot

West Side of the Colosseum (close to the ticket control)

If you are visiting the Colosseum in the afternoon this is one of the best photo spots for you! The sun hits the facade and even if there are crowds around you should manage to get an all alone nice shot of the Colosseum.

What’s interesting about this view is that you will see the authentic facade without any restoration work. The only no-no is the fence which is more visible as you are close, but still this is a great postcard view of the Colosseum.

After getting your Insta-perfect photo you can directly go to the ticket control for the last memorable spot: the interiors of the Colosseum!

Inside the Colosseum

It won’t be a visit to Rome if you have visited the inside of the Colosseum! Learn more about the history of ancient Rome by visiting the interiors of Italy’s most famous landmark.

To enter the Colosseum you can choose a regular ticket (which includes the access to the Roman Forum) or check out more guided tour options. In this guide I help you choose which is the best for you comparing all the different guided tours.

Depending on the ticket you buy you can access different levels. The most expensive tickets include the arena and the underground. Even though these areas are very interesting to visit and the guide will give you many informations when visiting the underground, the best place inside the Colosseum to take the most beautiful photos are the elevated parts, like the first and second tier.

So which is your favorite Colosseum photo spot?

By now you know every single photo spot to take the perfect Colosseum picture! But if you are planning a trip to Rome you may find useful also these posts about: How to see Rome in a day the ultimate guide, A local’s guide: 13 unusual & non touristy things to do in Rome and last but not least if you love photography Rome’s Aquatic Treasures: The Most Beautiful Fountains to see in the Eternal City.

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