Camp Cisame

Camp Cisame, Gold Digger for a day

Camp Cisame is one of the best carbet I have visited in French Guiana! The location is very nice, all the carbets are very well kept, the food is delicious and last but not least you can be gold digger for a day. Or see poisonous snakes in the forest!

How to arrive and Best time to visit Camp Cisame

Camp Cisame is on the Approuague river. Your trip start at Regina’s dock, you’ll embark on a pirogue for around 2 hours. Depending on the season, your navigation can be more or less calm. We went during the dry season, in August. There was a moment where some of us had to get in the water to help the pirogue get past over the rocks. During the rainy season water’s level is much higher, but you’ll risk to have rainy days. And your walk in the forest may be very muddy! So when planning your stay my advice is to go during dry season. The weather is better for all your outdoor activities.

What can you do in Camp Cisame ?

Hike into the forest or descent the river transported by the flow

Life on the river may be relaxing or adventurous depending on your mood. Camp Cisame offers a wide range of activities for all kind of wanderers. The more classic is a walk in the forest. Camp Cisame has two different paths: the first one is a short walk in the forest, about 40 minutes, that ends on the Approuague’s riverside. To go back to the camp you are equipped with a life jacket, and you start your descent transported by the river’s current. It’s an unique experience that is also very relaxing. You can swim or just chill and enjoy the view.

Camp Cisame grage
Lancehead spotted nearby Camp Cisame

The second path is a circular trek inside the rain forest. On your walk you’ll be introduced to the various plants and trees you can find, and occasionally to the insects or animals on your way. Like the wonderful lancehead we’ve almost stepped on. This amazing viper is highly venomous so forgive me for the quality of the photo I was quite nervous while taking the shot!

Relax, meditate or fish

Inside Camp Cisame there’s a carbet dedicated to relax. You can have your drinks at 5 pm, read a book, or play shuffleboard against your partner, to discover you’re not very good at it, experience speaking. Also don’t forget to bring your fishing rod, It’s relaxing to spend a few hours on the dock, and you may fish dinner!

Test your luck and skills in gold digging

But the most exciting, and If you’re lucky profitable, activity you can do in Camp Cisame is to take your gold pan batea and go search in the stream behind the carbets. I filled a small bottle of dirt and a tiny minuscule gold particle. And I’m absolutely proud of it! But I know a friend who found a little gold nugget. Try your luck, It’s funny. But be careful to your back as the position to filter water isn’t the most comfortable.

The food

I can not talk about Camp Cisame without mentioning the food. It was truly delicious. One of my favourite of the region. The appetisers were so good I almost wished they were the main course. The fish is freshly taken from the river and the side dishes are very abundant and good! Also I really enjoyed the drinks. Freshly made juices or rum made spirits that are flavoured with local fruits and plants. A joy for your mouth!

So do I recommend you Camp Cisame? Absolutely! If you want to book your stay you can do it through Camp Cisame facebook page. Has this triggered your curiosity in discovering French Guiana ? Here are more reasons why French Guiana should be on your bucket list.

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  1. This sounds like such a wild, raw and rustic experience to have! I hadn’t heard of shuffleboard before and would most definitely like to spot some snakes in the wild. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  2. I never considered French Guyana as a destination but now you definitely made me curious! A lot of fun activities! Thanks for sharing

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