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nusfjord travel guide arctic resort cottages

Nusfjord Travel Guide: Lofoten’s Hidden Gem

Nestled in one of the most remote locations in the Lofoten, Nusfjord is a small fishing village that until the ’60s was accessible only by boat. Crowded by tourists during the Summer “hot” months, Nusfjord has become an unofficial open air museum, as one of the most well preserved traditional fishing villages in Norway. When visiting Lofoten the detour is a MUST! But what should you expect exactly from this charming village? Let’s see in our detailed travel guide.

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Note: to regulate over-tourism and help the village economy, Nusfjord has an entry ticket. You can pay it after you have parked your car before entering the ancient part of the village.

In This Article

When is the Best Time to Visit Nusfjord?

There are no doubts that Nusfjord is beautiful all year long, so when choosing the time to visit it will depend on the type of traveler you are. Trekkers and outdoor lovers may prefer Summer months as the temperatures are warmer, there is no snow and you will be able to enjoy the many trekkings in the area.

On the other hand, nothing beats the beauty of the Lofoten archipelago during Winter. Snow covers everything in a white candor, and even though you days are very cold and there isn’t much light the landscapes become even more magical. And of course there are the Northern Lights!

Nusfjord Arctic Resort reception.

How to get there?

Nusfjord was one of the most remote places in Lofoten until the road was built in the 60s. Today getting there is easy when you are on the E10 National Lofoten Road. If you are following our 5 days Lofoten Road Trip itinerary and coming from Svolvaer the detour is before Flakstad.

Don’t have a rental car yet? Check out availability on

Where to stay in Nusfjord?

Since it has become an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1975, Nusfjord is classified as one of the most well preserved fishing villages in the Nordics. For this reason the only accommodations you will find are the lovely ancient fishermen cabins locally known as rorbuer (if you like to know more about rorbuer in Lofoten, check out our blog post). There are two types rorbuer:

The living room of one of the Nusfjord Arctic Resort rorbuer.

Nusfjord Arctic Fjord

Make it ancient but luxurious: Nusfjord Arctic Fjord rorbuer are cozy cabins that have been reconverted to luxurious small homes. Equiped with a kitchen and all kind of comfort and amenities, these cabins are absolutely ideal if you are willing to treat yourself.

Check out prices/make a reservation.

Lofoten Cottages

Lofoten Cottages are private rorbuer that are rent by the same managers of Nusfjord Arctic Fjord. Less fancy than their neighbors but still cozy and including a kitchen and all the comfort, Lofoten Cottages are an excellent compromise if you don’t want to break the bank.

Check out prices/make a reservation.

nusfjord lofoten cottages living room

Where to eat in Nusfjord?

Nusfjord is a very small village but it has all you need when it comes to food.

  • Considered as one of the best restaurants in Lofoten (and also priciest!) Karoline Restaurant is the place to go for having an excellent meal. Traditional cuisine made with local ingredients at its best. I’d recommend having a look at their menu to avoid bad bill surprises.
  • Are you looking to enjoy a good pizza? Oriana Kro (Oriana Tavern) has one of the best Italian pizza in Lofoten archipelago. Fresh and good quality ingredients and some very caring staff makes it a great place for having lunch.
  • Landhandleriet Café is one of the loveliest and coziest cafés I’ve ever been to! Anciently a general store, the interiors kept many of the ancient objects like the imposing cash register. It also has a small shop where you can buy traditional products. Their specialties are focaccia (similar to sandwiches) with salmon.
  • Hansines Bakeri Veronica Olaisen is a traditional bakery that serves some of the most famous cinnamon buns in Lofoten. Just like the surrounding buildings the bakery is inside an ancient wooden house so typical of Norway.
landhandleriet café old general store focaccia with salmon

What to do in Nusfjord?

Despite its rather small size Nusfjord there are several activities to do, you could easily occupy a full day especially in Summer when the trail to Nesland is easily accessible. During Winter I highly recommend spending the night there to observe the Northern Lights.

Learn more about Nusfjord Story and Traditions

As I already mentioned Nusfjord is a UNESCO site and one of the most well preserved fishing villages in Norway. The village is also a Museum and includes many traditional buildings that you can visit showcasing traditional objects. In this map from Nusfjord Arctic Resort, you can see the buildings of interest including those who are open to the public.

If you have time I recommend visiting them all and stopping at the cod liver refinery where a short movie with archive footage is presented. The village is very picturesque and simply walking among the rorbuers is lovely.

nusfjord travel guide ancient cod liver refinery

Reach the Scenic Lighthouse

If you continue your walk from the village to the entry of the fjord you will end up at Nusfjord small lighthouse. The modern and small lighthouse is at the entry of the fjord and benefits from a stunning view on the surrounding mountains and Nusfjord.

The lighthouse is accessible all year long. Although during Winter the path is more difficult since the snow covers everything.

nusfjord travel guide lighthouse in front of nesheia peak
The view from Nusfjord lighthouse on Nesheia peak.

Indulge at the Ancient General Store with a cup of Hot Chocolate or Tea

I already mentioned Landhandleriet Café as one of the places to eat in Nusfjord but it can be a lovely location also to relax and admire the amazing external landscape while eating a waffle and sipping a hot chocolate.

Especially if you are visiting during Winter Landhandleriet Café can be the ideal refuge before your nocturnal Northern Lights hunts. The interiors are the coziest!

nusfjord travel guide landhandleriet café old general store

The trail to Nesland is a moderate 4 kilometers trail (about 3 and a half hours) that will bring you to Nesland. Just like any other trail in Lofoten, Nusfjord to Nesland is a scenic hike with some breathtaking landscapes.

The passage between the two ancient fishing villages has been used for a very long time by the villagers even before becoming a famous tourist hike. For more informations about this trail check out Outdooractive dedicated guide.

nusfjord to nesland trail
Photo by Berni245. License.

From October to early April: go on a hunt for the Northern Lights

Are you too traveling to Norway to see the Northern Lights? December and January are the most active months. But December is also the month where the days are the shortest and you won’t enjoy much daylight. The ideal months are November, February, and March. In February the high season for Winter tourism begins so the prices are the highest.

Nusfjord is an ideal location to photograph the Northern Lights as it’s framed by the mountains. Of course framing the rorbuer in your long exposures will be more difficult than in Hamnoy, where you can simply go on top of the Hamnoy bridge. But Nusfjord still offers plenty of interesting observation points.

In case you are interested Nusfjord Arctic Resort also has guided excursions. You can check the availability on their site or simply ask at the reception when arriving for the check-in.

nusfjord travel guide seeing the northern lights

Help Keep Nusfjord Safe from Over-tourism

As a small community of less than 50 inhabitants, Nusfjord is “taken by assault” during the months of June and July. The village was victim of its success and many buses of tourists come there every day. To be respectful of the locals lifestyle consider spending the night in one of the rorbuer cabins or at least eating at one of the village’s restaurants.

You will support the local economy and be an ethical traveler!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nusfjord Expensive?

Nusfjord is VERY expensive. Karoline Restaurant is one of the most expensive and every extra activity you will do with Nusfjord Arctic Resort will be probably more expensive than in other places.

Also remember that Nusfjord is far from the larger cities and as a very small community the prices go up easily.

Interior of Landhandleriet Café.

Is Nusfjord Worth Visiting?

Nusfjord is without any doubt one of the most charming villages in Lofoten, and I’d dare say the most beautiful. Going to Lofoten without visiting it would be a REAL pity! If you don’t have much time and you are visiting only the village/museum, half a day will be enough.

Ideally I’d recommend coming in the afternoon, doing the trail during the Summer, or coming in the late afternoon to observe the Northern Lights in Winter, and saving the morning after to explore the village and go to the lighthouse.

One last word about our Nusfjord Travel Guide

If you are looking for dramatic landscapes, historical places, and outdoor activities Nusfjord is your go to but if you need more ideas of locations to visit in the Lofoten (including the best photo spots in Lofoten) check out also our 5 days itinerary. And keep an eye on our Norway page for more Lofoten and Vesteralen excursions!

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best things to do in stockholm fotografiska

The 12 best things to do in Stockholm

Nicknamed the Venice of the north, Stockholm extends itself on fourteen islands that are connected by 57 bridges. The town extend from the central islands of Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and Djurgarden (King’s Garden) to Lovön where the Royals live, creating a web of incredible locations and iconic places. But which are the best things to do in Stockholm? In this travel guide all the answers you need to plan the perfect trip to Stockholm.

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Table of Content

Discover the longest art gallery in the world

Swedish creativity in arts (like architecture and design) is well known. For this reason it doesn’t come as a surprise if some of the best things to do in Stockholm involves art in all its forms.

But for sure the location of one of Stockholm’s most famous art installations, surprise the unaware tourists. Stockholm Metro Stations are a surprising and always changing art gallery that cost only the price of a metro ticket.

On the 100 stations 90 contain an art display or mural. It would be very difficult to see all of them if you are staying less than 2 weeks, but in this guide I’ve selected the best 16 that you should absolutely visit. And in my Stockholm in 3 days itinerary I’ve also included them in the itinerary so that it’s perfectly optimized (it’s the same we used to explore the city by the way!)

Wander in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan means Old Town and its one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Stockholm. The most ancient buildings in Stockholm are there and they dates back to the Middle Ages.

Gamla Stan is without a doubt the most iconic neighborhood in Stockholm. If you are planning to visit it, you should absolutely check out my self guided tour in Gamla Stan (it has a map). It includes hidden gems and must-see landmarks.

Otherwise, don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about some of the most brilliant minds of the last century at the Nobel Prize Museum, stroll in the iconic Stortorget (and look for the hidden cannonballs), and visit the beautiful Royal Palace.

Go back in time at the Hallwyl Museum

The Hallwyl Museum offers a glimpse into the life of the aristocracy at the beginning of the 20th century. The location is a marvelous palace which was built in the 1898 for Walther and Wilhelmina von Hallwyl.

After the couple’s death the building and everything inside it (including the collections of pottery and paintings) was donated to the Swedish state.

Since then the building haven’t been modified providing an unique time capsule from that period. Without a doubt this is one of the most interesting museums in Stockholm absolutely worth the detour!

Climb on the largest hemispherical structure in the world: the Avicii Arena

Also known as Ericsson Globe, the Avicii Arena is the largest hemispherical structure in the world. Dedicated to late Avicii, the building regularly hosts concerts and events.

Unless you’ve planned to attend one of those events, the Avicii Arena can be interesting to visit as you can climb on top of it with Skyview. The view from up there is unique and on clear days you can see quite far away. To book your visit/check out prices go to SkyView – Stockholm Live.

Photo by Kallerna. License.

Embark on a sensory experience at Fotografiska

Fotografiska is a museum which displays, as you can guess by its name, temporary exhibitions of the greatest photographers.

What makes this museum really worth visiting, is the way it plays with spaces, the exposed art, and sounds. It’s a sensory experience that will feel like a dream the time of your visit. Of course you must be willing to open to this kind of experience.

Fotografiska has also an excellent restaurant that has a beautiful view over Stockholm. For more info about their exhibitions, to reserve a table at their restaurant, or simply check out their schedule, check out their website Welcome to Fotografiska Stockholm.

Funnily enough Fotografiska is also one of the most Instagrammable places in Stockholm, of course that highly depends on the exhibitions it is hosting, but the aesthetic of the exhibitions and the way they are presented is a guarantee of a great backdrop for your photos.

Marvel at the grandeur of Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a rich history dating back to the 17th century. It has served as the private residence of the Swedish royal family for generations.

The Palace and its gardens are a delightful sight reminding the grandiosity of other European Baroque palaces (how not to think of Versailles). The interiors were created by one of Sweden’s most famous sculptors: Nikodemus Tessin the Elder.

Visiting the Palace is one of the best things to do in Stockholm, but mind the schedules! The palace is regularly closed for official events or celebrations. To avoid bad surprises check out Drottningholm Palace official website.

Admire the only fully conserved 17th century warship at the Vasa Museum

Being a travel and history lover, I’ve seen a thing or two in my life that truly impressed me. The Vasa was of course one of them! Nothing can prepare you to the magical feeling of finding yourself in front of this majestic giant.

Like the flying vessel of some sci-fiction movie, the Vasa floats in a semi-obscure room which highly contributes in giving the warship a ghostly appeal.

The museum is dedicated to the construction of the warship and the events that lead to its shipwreck on its inaugural journey. And last but not least, the titanic task of bringing it back from the abyss.

If I could do only one activity from my post this would be it!

Learn about Swedish folk history and traditions in Skansen

Skansen is a full immersion in the last centuries of Swedish folk history and traditions. Tracing the lifestyle of Sweden’s people, the open air museum (which is also the oldest in the world) will let you discover the evolution of buildings during time.

The museum is peopled by actors wearing period dresses who will interact with you to explain how they lived back at their time.

Skansen has also an aquarium and some enclosures where Nordic animals are kept. The surface is very large and you could easily spend a full day there, especially during Summer when all the stands in the alleys are open.

Check out schedules on Skansen official website.

Visit the imposing Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall is one of the most important landmarks in Stockholm. Inaugurated in 1923, even after a century the building hasn’t lost an ounce of its grandiosity.

Something which contributes to its myth are the celebrations for the attributions of the Nobel Prizes that take place every year in December. You can visit Stockholm City Hall only via a guided tour. To check schedules book your tour check out Stadshuset official website.

Note: the City Hall metro stop Stadshuset is also one of the most beautiful metro stations in Stockholm.

Sail onboard for an Archipelago Tour

Stockholm archipelago includes more than 30000 islands and rocks! Exploring them on a boat or kayak excursion is one of the best things to do in Stockholm.

Depending on the type of activity you are willing to do and of course your budget, there are several possibilities for every type of traveler.

If you bought the Stockholm City Pass, and I highly recommend doing so if you are staying three days or more, there are several boat tours hat will let you explore some of the islands that are closer to the city center.

Remember to check the schedules, especially if you are traveling during Winter there are far less excursions and you may disappointed.

Visit the futuristic Artipelag

There are many beautiful modern/visual art museums in Stockholm, but what makes Artipelag unique is it’s location on a remote island in the middle of nature.

The museum itself fully blend in the surroundings with many beautiful views of the exteriors. When visiting it don’t miss the walk in the forest onboard of the Baltic Sea.

Your visit inside Artipelag will last about 2 hours, but the museum is situated quite far from the city center (about 20 kilometers). Globally the complete visit with the boat tour to get there will take you half a day. That’s why I strongly advise you to prepare your itinerary before going, to avoid skipping other attractions you may be interested in.

artipelag best things to do in stockholm
Photo credits to Bengt Oberger. License.

Snösätra Wall of Fame

Snösätra Wall of Fame is an hidden gem in Stockholm industrial neighborhood and one of Europe’s largest mural exhibitions. Street artists comes from all around the world to leave their mark on Snösätra walls.

As the space is limited some murals get covered by new ones, so each visit is an unique discovery. Snosatra is about 30-40 minutes away from Gamla Stan. I love this kind of places but just like for Artipelag thoroughly consider your itinerary before getting there.

On the bright side you can combine Snösätra with a visit to the metro stations of the green line.

One last word about the best things to do in Stockholm

Honestly, I left my heart in Stockholm. It’s one of Europe’s gems and probably one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. So ancient and modern at the same time, bustling but not chaotic, truly surprising and difficult to bring into words. So I’ll give you just one advice: by your tickets and go, you won’t regret it! And if you need further inspiration for your Stockholm itinerary check out our guides and travel tips for Sweden’s capital.

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brazil captions brazil puns for instagram

50+ Sunny Brazil Captions for Instagram

Samba rhythms, colorful cities, and an many amazing and diverse natural landscapes. Yes I’m talking of Brazil one of the most beautiful countries in the world! From the wilderness of the Amazonian Rainforest to the sand dunes of Lençois Maranhenses, without forgetting of course the vibrant city life of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador de Bahia, etc… No matter which part of Brazil you are visiting right now, you are in the right place to find the perfect Brazil Captions for Instagram! Let’s go.

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Table of Content

One liner Brazil Captions for Instagram

When in doubt buy a ticket to Brazil.

Meanwhile in Brazil…

Don’t keep Brazil wait it’s not polite!

Samba and sunsets.

Sun, sea, and samba, Brazil’s perfect trio.

Samba your way into my heart, Brazil!

Explore Brazil through my eyes.

I’ve never been more in love with Brazil than now.

Living the Brazilian dream.

I’d rather be in Brazil.

You had me at Bon dia.

Excuse my Portuguese but I’m in Brazil.

Greetings from Brazil. I live here now.

Some call it Brazil, I call it heaven.

From Brazil with love.

Inspiring Captions about Brazil

Greetings from the most beautiful country in the world.

When in doubt go to Brazil, and that’s exactly what I did.

They told me to follow my heart. So, I went to the airport for a trip to Brazil.

In Brazil where everyone is dancing at the rhythm of Samba.

Left my heart in Brazil, I’d better go back and get it.

There’s no greater outdoor experience than the Amazon Rainforest.

Rio de Janeiro Captions for Instagram

But first Rio.

Rio it’s not Brazil, it’s Rio.

Rio is always a good idea.

From Copacabana to Ipanema: Beach-hopping in Brazil.

Life is too short, go to Rio de Janeiro.

I expected beauty and I got magic. Rio de Janeiro is indeed la Cidade Maravilhosa!

Rio de Janeiro is the city of Samba!

When everything else fails take a trip to Rio de Janeiro.

I’d rather be sad at Copacabana than happy anywhere else!

Check out the best things to do in Rio de Janeiro.

cristo redendor christ the redeemer in rio de janeiro brazil

Brazil Captions in Portuguese

Bom dia Brasil!
Translation: Goodmorning Brazil!

Olà linda!
Translation: Hello beautiful!

Brasil Eu te amo.
Translation: Brazil I love you.

Um beijo do Brasil.
Translation: A kiss from Brazil.

Enjoying la vida brazileira.
Translation: Enjoying Brazilian lifestyle.

Que saudade Brasil.
Translation: I miss you Brazil.

baby parrot on marajo island things to do in belem brazil
Feeding a baby parrot nearby Belem.

Captions about Brazil’s most beautiful places

Wandering through the colorful streets of Salvador.

Chasing waterfalls in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

Dancing through the streets of São Paulo by night.

Cultural fusion at its finest in Bahia’s festivals.

Amazonian sunrise – nature’s artwork unfolding.

Soulful melodies filling the air in São Luís.

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Brazil? Check our post out!

iguazu falls best things to do in brazil

Brazil puns your readers will love!

I could come back here a Brazil-lion times.

Having a Rio-lly great time in Brazil.

I had trouble buying things in Brazil, they told me my money wasn’t Real.

Feeling açaí-d to leave this tropical paradise!

Having a capoeira-ific time in Brazil’s rhythmic embrace.

Instagram captions about Brazilian food

Keep calm and eat Brazilian.

Eating my way across churrascarias.

Enjoying life one coxinha at time.

Arrived in the land of Moqueca and Brigadeiros.

Here for the views and pão de queijo.

Don’t be a caipirinha, join the fiesta in Brazil!

Eat, fejoada, love.

Brazil is like a box of brigadeiros, you never know what you’re going to get!

bolo brigadeiro brazilian food
Photo from Credits Bruno Bueno.

One last word about the perfect Brazil Captions for Instagram

Brazil is huge and there are plenty of locations to explore. If you need inspiration to decide what to visit next check out our most incredible things to do in Brazil! And if you love Instagram captions as we do, check out our travel inspiration page, there may be the perfect caption for a specific photo.

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the best colosseum photo spots in rome

Are You Looking for the Best Colosseum Photo Spot? I’ll give you 9!

The Eternal City is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! And capturing its beauty is one of the funniest things to do (that’s why I wrote this practical guide about the best photo spots in Rome). But are you looking for the best Colosseum photo spot? There are so many, all ideal to take the perfect photo! Let’s see them.

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Table of Contents

Where are the best Colosseum spots?

To help you find easily the best Colosseum spots I’ve created a map that will help you locate them. The North-West area surrounding the Colosseum is currently under renovation works for the new metro station that will be opened in 2025. But do not despair: the views from Largo Gaetana Agnesi and Via Nicola Salvi aren’t impacted!

Largo Gaetana Agnesi

Largo Gaetana Agnesi is the most popular point to take pictures of the Colosseum. The square has a nice terrace on the Colosseum which is contained by very large walls where you can easily climb to take some memorable shots (of course be careful!)

The place is very well known and there are always many people taking photos there, but don’t worry there is enough place for everyone. The best hour to take this picture is early in the morning when the sun lights up the Eastern facade and you will have a nice golden/pink sky.

best colosseum tours and why you should book them

Via Nicola Salvi

Just a few meters from Largo Gaetana Agnesi you can descend to the Colosseum level from via Nicola Salvi. The view can be more hidden by the overgrown trees but the view is still beautiful and absolutely worth it.

From via Nicola Salvi you arrive behind the entrance of the Colosseum which will be on your right. If you go down on the left you will get to the stairs on the East side, which are indeed another great spot to photograph the Colosseum!

best colosseum photo spot via nicola salvi
Photo from Credits to Gonzalo Mendiola.

Stairs on the East side

The stairs on the East side of the Colosseum are above the public toilets, that’s how I’ve marked them on the map by the way. The view from there is unobstructed and ideal for your pictures in the morning when the sun hit the facade.

Note: the area is often crowded by unlicensed street vendors, mind your belongings when admiring the landscape and taking pictures.

best colosseum photo spot the east side

Terrazza Belvedere del Palatino

As its name says the Nice view Terrace (literally translated from Terrazza Belvedere) on the Palatine Hill has one of the best panoramic views in Rome.

On one side you have the Roman Forum, while on the other side you will see the sacred alley with the Colosseum on the background. In your photos it will look like you went back in time!

Always on the Palatine Hill you can get closer to the Colosseum, on the other side of the hill. But honestly I think the best view is on the point I marked on the map as you have the other ancient buildings framing the Colosseum.

palatine hill roman forum best photo spots in rome

Piazza di Santa Francesca Romana

Inside the Palatine Hill and Colosseum Archaeological Park there is my personal favorite view: the terrace in front of the Temple of Venus which was once an ancient square called Santa Francesca Romana.

To get the access you will have to book a ticket to the Roman Forums, I recommend you these tickets that include the access to the Colosseum as well.

Once you are inside (from the Eastern access) you will have to go up to the Temple of Venus. There you will find the 2000 old structure waiting for you. If you have the choice the late afternoon light is perfect as the sun will be behind you.

piazza di santa francesca romana best colosseum photo spot

Arch of Constantine

The Arch of Constantine is situated South West the Colosseum. If you get up early enough in the morning you can have a nice all alone picture of the arch with the Colosseum behind.

But as you can imagine the area gets crowded in no time and it will be more difficult to get a nice portrait of you with the two monuments.

arch of constantine best colosseum photo spots
Photo from Credits to Zul Ahadi.

Via Celio Vibenna

Via Celio Vibenna is a large road that contours the South area of the Colosseum. If you climb the stairs to get on it you will find a very nice view of the Colosseum.

To have the best light you should go in the morning. Don’t worry too much about the crowds as they are mainly on the pedestrian area.

via celio vibenna best colosseum photo spot

West Side of the Colosseum (close to the ticket control)

If you are visiting the Colosseum in the afternoon this is one of the best photo spots for you! The sun hits the facade and even if there are crowds around you should manage to get an all alone nice shot of the Colosseum.

What’s interesting about this view is that you will see the authentic facade without any restoration work. The only no-no is the fence which is more visible as you are close, but still this is a great postcard view of the Colosseum.

After getting your Insta-perfect photo you can directly go to the ticket control for the last memorable spot: the interiors of the Colosseum!

Inside the Colosseum

It won’t be a visit to Rome if you have visited the inside of the Colosseum! Learn more about the history of ancient Rome by visiting the interiors of Italy’s most famous landmark.

To enter the Colosseum you can choose a regular ticket (which includes the access to the Roman Forum) or check out more guided tour options. In this guide I help you choose which is the best for you comparing all the different guided tours.

Depending on the ticket you buy you can access different levels. The most expensive tickets include the arena and the underground. Even though these areas are very interesting to visit and the guide will give you many informations when visiting the underground, the best place inside the Colosseum to take the most beautiful photos are the elevated parts, like the first and second tier.

So which is your favorite Colosseum photo spot?

By now you know every single photo spot to take the perfect Colosseum picture! But if you are planning a trip to Rome you may find useful also these posts about: How to see Rome in a day the ultimate guide, A local’s guide: 13 unusual & non touristy things to do in Rome and last but not least if you love photography Rome’s Aquatic Treasures: The Most Beautiful Fountains to see in the Eternal City.

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bernina railway ospizio bernina white lake black lake

Bernina Railway from Tirano to St Moritz: Everything you need to know

Are you ready to embark on an adventure to discover one of the most beautiful railways in Europe? Situated on the borders between Switzerland and Italy, the Bernina Railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. Covering a distance of 60 kilometers, when visiting you will blown away by the beauty of the landscapes and the prowess of the engineering infrastructure. But do you know everything you need to prepare the perfect trip to the area? Let’s see!

Disclosure: is reader-supported. When you make a reservation through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no extra cost for you. That will help me keep the blog up and running. Thank you!

Table of Content

How to get to the Bernina Railway from Milan

There aren’t many solutions for getting to Saint Moritz or Tirano from Milan: the road is the fastest and most economic solution. In about 3 hours you will cross the 150+ panoramic kilometers that separates Milan from your chosen destination. Note: Tirano is the closest station from Milan, about 2 and a half hours.

Looking to rent a car? Check out on Discovercars for the best prices and offers. They have a large choice for all types of travelers.

The different trains crossing the Bernina Railway

Before booking any activity or ticket remember this: there are two different types of trains passing by the Bernina Railway.

bernina railway ospizio bernina cambrena glacier

The Bernina Red Train (regional trains)

For the regular (regional trains) you can book your ticket online. Or buy the ticket directly at the station when arriving. The ticket office normally closes at 7 PM at Tirano. You can choose between a daily ticket or a 2 days ticket if you are planning to come back the day after. During the summer some open wagons are added to let the passengers enjoy even more the landscapes.

There are two main vantages to book the regional trains: you can get off the train at the intermediate stops (although some stops are only “on call” and you will need to press the stop button). And secondly, unlike the Berlina Express you can open the windows and take better photos without the glass reflection (I know this may be relatively important, but photographers will appreciate the info).

There is a regional train every hour so you can stop whenever you want and take the next train. You can find the schedule for the Bernina Red Train in the same website where you can buy the tickets.

Another pro: the regional trains have special train cars dedicated to the transport of bicycles.

bernina red train regional train

The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express connects Tirano to St Moritz without any intermediate stop. The train cars are more elegant, with panoramic windows and roof. On the official website you will find the schedules and you’ll be able to book your tickets online.

You can check out the schedule here.

Don’t know which one to choose? Try both! You can always book a full day ticket on the Bernina regional train and come back on the same day or the day after on the Bernina Express.

bernina express in alp grum

The Stations on the Bernina Railway

There are two main stations Tirano and St Moritz with many intermediate stops on the way. Remember to get down from the train book the Regional Train, on the Bernina Express you would lose your reservation.

Tirano – Starting station

Tirano is a the starting point of the Bernina railway and a small town with many restaurants and hotels where you can spend the night. The first Bernina Red Train start at 7.41 AM, for the early birds that’s a great solution to catch the first train.

When visiting Tirano don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the Catholic shrine of the Madonna of Tirano. Its construction was connected to the appearance of the Madonna at the same time when a pestilence ended. Nowadays the place still has a n important religious significance and is pilgrimage destination.

bernina railway from tirano to st moritz

Brusio (stop on request)

Between Tirano and Brusio there is Campocologno where the border between Italy and Switzerland is situated.

In Brusio the railway, to overcome the high elevation gain, has an extremely suggestive helical viaduct. You can stop to take pictures of the trains passing by, from under the viaduct.

Miralago (stop on request)

Miralago is the first stop at the beginning of Lake Poschiavo. This lake is famous for its reflections and the color of its waters.

If you are up for a walk I highly recommend to take the lakeside walk, next to the railway, it will lead you to the station of Le Prese. The walk lasts about an hour and there aren’t ascents, it’s really easy even if you aren’t trained.

bernina railway miralago

Le Prese

As mentioned above Le Prese is the stop at the other side of the beautiful lake Poschiavo.


Poschiavo is a characteristic alpine village. Its historic center is interesting for the elegant typical houses. Every Wednesday during summer, from July to August, the village hosts a market where you can buy traditional products of the area.

In Poschiavo there is also one of the most excellent restaurant on the railway, Hostaria del Borgo, a must for those who want a taste of the excellent local food.

bernina railway poschiavo


Cavaglia is one of the most popular stops of the railway. That’s because less than a kilometer from the station there is the famous Garden of glaciers, a suggestive path among rocks shaped by the waters. Along the walk you may also admire the suggestive Marmitte dei Giganti, large potholes in the ground that were created by water erosion.

From Cavaglia there is also an easy trek to walk down to Poschiavo.

Alp Grum

Alp Grum has one of the best views in the Alps: the terrace overlooking the glacier and Piz Palù. Both the regional train and the Bernina Express stop there (remember if you get down from the Bernina Express you will need a new reservation to get onboard again).

The village has a an hotel restaurant just in front of the station called Albergo Ristorant Alp Grum. Many trekkers choose Alp Grum as a base to enjoy the different trails that start from there.

If you love trekking and are thinking of staying in Alp Grum too, I’ll tempt you with this cozy cabin, ideal to fully immerse in the Alpine spirit.

bernina railway alp grum

Ospizio Bernina

Bernina Hospice is the highest stop on the railway line (2253 meters). We are in the magical valley of the White Lake and the Black Lake, in front of the Cambrena glacier.

The Bernina Hospice is a hotel that is a 10-minute walk from the station. There are many treks that start from there and you can also make the tour of the lake, it takes about three hours.

Or during the Summer you can descent to Alp Grum or Diavolezza. My personal favorite? Walking south (direction to Alp Grum), and relax on the rocks. If you are brave enough, you can also test the ice cold waters of the lake.

bernina railway ospizio bernina

Bernina Lagalb (stop on request)

Bernina Lagalb take the name from the Lagalb Mountain. You can take the cable car that leads up to the peak at 2959 meters.

Bernina Diavolezza (stop on request)

Diavolezza is the stop to the cable car that brings you closest to Bernina’s peak, the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps. You can check the schedules on the local website.

Morteratsch (stop on request)

The busiest station during Summer is Morteratsch. The reason behind that is the homonymous Morteratsch glacier. You can reach it in less than a hour thanks to a large and easy dirt path. Remember to wear comfortable shoes.

Along the way, you will see panels that shows the regression of the ice from the 19th century to today, an unfortunate and unstoppable regression that never cease to impress visitors.

bernina railway morteratsch trail

Surovas (stop on request)

Situated in the idyllic Val Roseg, you can stop at Surovas and descent to Pontresina.


Pontresina is one of the larger villages and one of the most hyped locations on the railway. There are many resorts and luxurious hotels you can choose from to spend the night there.

Pontresina is ideal to make excursions in the beautiful Val Roseg. One of the best activities to do is a carriage ride, available both during Summer and Winter. There are different providers which offer similar services: Engadin Kutschen, Horse-drawn carriage rides into the Val Roseg, Horse Carriages, and more if your search on google. If you are interested in this activity just remember to reserve in advance as the carriages get fully booked fast.

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is a luxury Alpine resort on the shores of the lake of the same name. Between luxurious hotels and shops (Gucci, Hermes, and Luis Vuitton, to name a few) St. Moritz is definitely a great destination to treat yourself.

Art lovers will find their joy in one of the art galleries in town, or at the museum dedicated to the painter Giovanni Segantini.

bernina railway st moritz to tirano

Useful tips

Remember your ID

You will cross the border between Italy and Switzerland. Remember to bring an ID document with you, your passport ideally.

Most of the railway runs along the road that cross the Alps. When getting off the train you can also take the bus from one stop to the other.

How should you dress?

Dress in layers! If you are lucky during Summer the temperatures are ideal, but a few clouds can drop the temperature of a few degrees in the blink of an eye. Remember a sweater or hoodie.

And don’t forget a raincoat as it rains frequently in the mountains!

bernina railway cavaglia
A Marmitta dei Giganti in Cavaglia.

Parking your car in Tirano

There are many free parkings in Tirano. I especially recommend you the one close to the bus station, which is connected by an underpass to the FS train station, a few meters from the Rhaetian railway station.

Guided Tours from Milan to the Bernina Railway

I already mentioned coming with your own car but there are many guided tours for those who wants to enjoy the Bernina Railway landscapes without worrying about renting a car.

This can also be an economical solution if you are traveling solo or with a small group. Although of course you won’t have the same autonomy as if you were traveling with your car. There are many different solutions on getyourguide but I especially recommend these two:

  • With this guided tour (about 12 hours) you will start from Milan and get to Tirano by bus. Once there, after a short guided tour of Tirano you will embark onboard of the Bernina Red Train (not the Bernina Express!) and enjoy a non-stop ride to St. Moritz. In St Moritz you will have two hours to explore the town. Since the schedule is pretty strict, I highly recommend bringing sandwiches that you can eat on the go, so that you can enjoy your free time exploring St. Moritz.
  • This tour includes a short boat cruise onboard of Lake Como before getting to St. Moritz. You will have a short free time before getting onboard of the Bernina Red Train (again not the Bernina Express!).
bernina railway bernina red train regional

One last word about Exploring the Bernina Railway and Region

The Bernina region is one of those places on Earth that showcases a stunning of natural scenery. If you love Mountain landscapes and idyllic places this is for you! Just remember you passport when preparing your bag for the Italian-Swiss border. Are you looking for more amazing locations to visit in Europe? Check out our guides and travel tips.

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end of summer captions for instagram and end of summer quotes

50+ End of Summer Captions to Savor the Last Days

I know… Summer is coming to an end and that means the end of joyful pool parties and endless beach days. But do not despair, Autumn is pretty awesome too! 😉 Anyways If you are looking for some inspiring end of summer captions and quotes you are in the right place. I’ve got a pretty good selection for you to accompany those last days of summer photos. Keep reading!

Disclosure: is reader-supported. When you make a reservation through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no extra cost for you. That will help me keep the blog up and running. Thank you!

Table of Contents

Short Captions to Celebrate the end of Summer

Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn.

Until next time, summer.

Chasing the last rays of summer sun.

August is like the Sunday of summer.

Turning the page to a new chapter.

Goodbye summer, it’s been a wild ride.

From beach days to school days.

Soaking in the final summer breeze.

Falling leaves are nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye.

Funny end of Summer Captions

Time to trade flip-flops for sneakers.

Dreaming of a never-ending summer. How do I make my dreams come true?!

Saying farewell to summer like: ‘Wait, can we have a redo?’

To all the summer workouts I planned but never did.

Summer, please don’t go. I’m not ready to adult yet!

It’s again time to remember what day of the week it is.

Time to switch my tan for my ‘office pale’ look.

Summer was great, but I’m ready for fall. Bring on the pumpkin spice everything!

I’ll just keep pretending it’s summer until… it’s summer again.

When you realize you forgot to do everything on your summer bucket list.

Getting my pool side cocktails iced until further notice.

Melancholic End of Summer Captions

Collecting sun-kissed memories to keep me warm all year.

Summer’s laughter echoes in my mind as the days grow quieter.

Summer memories drift away like sand slipping through my fingers.

It was all a dream.

Wishing I could hit pause and make summer last forever.

Puns about the end of Summer

It shore was a good summer.

This is not a goodbye, but a sea you real soon.

I’m Fall-ing for Autumn, but I’ll miss the sun-sational Summer days.

Sand-ly saying farewell to Summer.

Time to fall into a new season.

Inspiring Quotes about the end of Summer

Summer is leaving silently. Much like a traveler approaching the end of an amazing journey. – Darnell Lamont Walker

Gone are the birds that were our summer guests. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

And all at once, summer collapsed into fall. – Oscar Wilde

Summer’s lease hath all too short a date. – William Shakespeare

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. – Russell Baker

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. – Sam Keen

The kind of sadness you feel at the end of summer. When the fireflies are gone, the ponds have dried up and the plants are wilted, weary from being so green. – Augusten Burroughs

Book quotes about the end of Summer

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. – John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley

Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well. – George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

The end-of-summer winds make people restless. – Sebastian Faulks, Engleby

I was not prepared: sunset, end of summer. Demonstrations of time as a continuum, as something coming to an end. – Louise Glück, The Seven Ages

The crickets felt it was their duty to warn everybody that summertime cannot last forever. – E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

Summer had come and gone. And the world was ending. – Benjamin A. Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

There would be other summers, but there would never be one like this. Ever again. – Neil Gaiman, Good Omens

Salvation Islands nearby Kourou. Iles du Salut, French Guiana

Songs about the end of Summer

The summer ends and we wonder where we are. – Dar Williams, The End of the Summer

August slipped away like a bottle of wine. – Taylor Swift, August

Kiss me hard before you go, summertime sadness. – Lana Del Rey, Summertime Sadness

No summer lasts forever, just blame it on September. – Allstar Weekend, Blame it on September

Every perfect summer’s gotta say good night. – Lorde, Big Star

But the last day of summer, never felt so cold. – The Cure, The Last Day of Summer

Summer lovin’, had me a blast. Summer lovin’, happened so fast. – Grease, Summer Loving

Let’s wrap these end of Summer Captions for Instagram

Time to trade our bikini for something warmer! We will all miss our sandy days but don’t despair. Aren’t you excited for the pumpkin season coming?! Cozy sweaters, falling leaves, and hot chocolate, I’m here for it! And anyways in 8-9 months it’s gonna be Summer again! Are you looking for some more inspiration for your Instagram posts? Check out our Travel Inspiration Page!

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The 17 Best Photo Spots in Rome

There is something absolutely magical about Rome that attracts every years millions and millions of tourists. It maybe be its romantic charm, rich history, or the incredible Italian food. But there is one thing for sure: Rome is undeniably one of the most photogenic destinations in the world! So wether you are a passionate photographer or just want to surprise your followers you will love these selection of the best photo spots in Rome!

Disclosure: is reader-supported. When you make a reservation through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no extra cost for you. That will help me keep the blog up and running. Thank you!

Table of Content

1. The Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. And there are literally millions of visitors entering inside it years every year. But there is no need to enter inside to catch the perfect shot for your socials!

In fact there are plenty of perfect spots to photograph the Colosseum even from the outside (in this guide I’ll give you 9). The best to mention? The glimpse from Largo Gaetana Agnesi, or the scenic view from the temple of Venus, inside the Roman Forum Archaeological Park.

Even though, going to Rome without visiting the Colosseum is like eating Italian pasta without Parmigiano (you know what I mean! 😉 ). Do you need help to find the perfect Colosseum tickets/guided tour? I’ve got the perfect guide to help you choose the best solution.

2. The Roman Forum

The pulsing heart of ancient Rome, the Roman Forum and its archaeological park are among the most incredible and well preserved ruins in the world. Again if you want to save some money you can take some very good photos just by walking along via dei Fori Imperiali.

But once you are inside you can get lost between columns and ancient buildings, the wow effect is granted! And you can save money by buying a combined ticket for the Colosseum and the Roman Forums.

3. Arch of Constantine

The Arch of Constantine is strategically located between the archaeological ruins of the Palatine Hill and the Colosseum. Due to its location it gets very crowded. But early in the morning when the colors are still soft and reddish, you can take some beautiful photos of the Arch.

Depending on the orientation you can of course include the Colosseum in the frame as well. The arch is situated very close to the gates to enter the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum Archaeological Park.

My advice: Plan your visit to the Colosseum first, then pass by the Arch of Constantine and continue your visit to the Palatine.

arch of constantine most instagrammable places in rome

4. Palatine Hill

The Palatine Hill is often overlooked by tourists visiting the Archaeological Park. That’s probably because of its elevate position. Although the view it has on the Roman Forum and ancient ruins will make you believe you used a time machine to go back in time.

You have the complete view of Via Nova with all the ancient buildings including Titus Arch. Sure they have suffered the test of time, but their condition is remarkable and makes it perfect for some of the best photos of Ancient Rome.

Note: to access the Palatine Hill you will need the ticket which includes the Colosseum and Roman Forum.

palatine hill roman forum best photo spots in rome

5. Altare della Patria

Also known as Vittoriano, and Monument to Vittorio Emanuele (the first king of unified Italy), Altare della Patria is one of the most impressive monuments in Rome. On the inside you can visit an interesting museum about the late 19th century and the story of the Unification of Italy.

The perfect view of the Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland), is on the left side of Piazza Venezia, which faces the monument. There are many cars circulating but the avenue is very large and you can even step off from the sidewalk to take a better shot (please be careful to the cars!)

piazza venezia altare della patria best photo spots in rome

6. Galleria Doria Pamphilj

Doria Pamphilj Gallery is an incredible art collection (and one of Rome’s hidden gems) that features some works of the most famous Renaissance and Baroque painters, like Caravaggio and Raphael.

Hosted in the family’s private palace, the interiors are worth visiting alone. The Baroque residence features some furniture that was preserved through the centuries. But the most surprising feature of the museum is the hall where many statues and paintings are, that strongly reminds the Hall of the Mirrors in Versailles.

Inside the museum you may sometimes spot artists at work to restore the paintings. Galleria Doria Pamphilj is indeed one of the most beautiful art collections in Rome!

galleria doria pamphilj best photo spots in rome

7. The Pantheon

The Pantheon is one of the oldest buildings in Rome. Built as a pagan temple it has been converted into a church since the 7th century.

If you are an early bird you can take some memorable pictures from the square in front of the Church. Fontana del Pantheon which is in the center of the square is one of the most beautiful fountains in Rome.

Since Summer ’23 you will need to pay a small fee to access the Pantheon. You can buy the tickets on getyourguide, they include an audioguide.

What to expect once you are on the inside? The circular structure is a triumph of different marbles and fine decorations. The aesthetic is mesmerizing, even if the light conditions may be less optimal for your photos.

8. Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is surrounded by magnificent Baroque architecture, including the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers at its center. But that’s not all! Piazza Navona is home to two other beautiful fountains, the Fontana del Moro and the Fontana del Nettuno. These fountains offer unique and picturesque subjects for photography.

One of the advantages of the square is that it’s so large that even in the most crowded summer months you can take some memorable pictures. Of course for some solo pictures you must privilege early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

Piazza Navona is also packed with bars and restaurants. I won’t recommend them for eating as they are pretty expensive comparing to other areas, but why not enjoy a fresh drink, or take a good breakfast?!

9. Galleria Sciarra

Unless you’ve seen it in pictures (and even so it will still be beautiful!), Galleria Sciarra catch you by surprise. You enter the hall and are welcomed by the intricate decors on the walls.

The gallery which had a practical function to connect the commissioners properties, is one of the most important art nouveau expressions in Rome.

The light conditions are of course lower than in outdoor places, but nothing your phone or camera can’t manage.

Sciarra Gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6.30 PM.

galleria sciarra best photo spots non touristy things to do in rome
Photo by Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA.

10. Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is one of the most beautiful fountains in the world and probably one of the most iconic landmarks in Italy. The beautiful details of its Baroque decorations are a joy for the eyes and the camera.

The only technical difficulty when taking a picture of it, are the hundreds of people waiting to take the perfect shot as well. There aren’t many solutions, if you want the Baroque marvel all to yourself you will need to set an early wake up call and get there as soon as the sun is up. I’m talking about 6 – 7 AM.

Once the golden hour is gone so your opportunities for solo pictures. You are wondering how did I got this picture at 9 AM? The sides can be less photographed than the front, but that’s also luck! And I couldn’t take any frontal crowd free photo for the record.

fontana di trevi most beautiful fountains in rome

11. Spanish Steps

Would you like to reproduce the iconic photo of Audrey Hepburn graciously walking down the Spanish Steps in Roman Holidays? Then you already know our next stop!

The Spanish Steps are among the most iconic spots in Rome. Just think about the fashion show that takes place there. Without forgetting Via Condotti, one of Rome most hyped shopping streets.

Just like the above mentioned locations the Spanish steps get overcrowded. If you want the “I’ve got Rome all by my self” shot, get up early.

spanish steps rome most instagrammable spots

12. Villa Borghese Gardens

The gardens of Villa Borghese are an oasis of calm inside the chaotic center of Rome. The lush greenery that transforms the park during spring and summer makes it the perfect backdrop for some stunning pictures.

But of course that’s not the only reason. Facing the small lake of Aescolapius, the temple which names the lake was built at the end of the 18th century in neoclassic style. If you are up for some sport you can also rent a small boat and row into the lake.

Another point of interest is the Villa Borghese and its impressive collection. If you are interested in history and art don’t miss the opportunity of visiting it.

And before leaving don’t forget to take a photo of the panoramic view from il Pincio terrace. Towering over Piazza del Popolo you have one of the most beautiful views of Rome.

villa borghese gardens best photo spots in rome

13. St. Peter’s Square and Basilica

The Vatican is a feast of marble and gold accents, a joy for the eyes. To take the most memorable photos just head over St. Peter’s Square, outside particular religious events the square isn’t crowded except for the barriers.

Even more stunning than the external facade, the Basilica’ interiors hit you with its grandiosity. Take a moment to admire the beautiful altar sculpted by Gianlorenzo Bernini and the incredible works of art that decor the interiors.

Would you like to take the views to another level? Climb up to the Cupolone, St. Peter’s Dome and be rewarded with a stunning view of the eternal city.

dome of st peter basilica vatican best photo spots in rome most instagrammable places

14. Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo initially was built as Hadrian’s Mausoleum. But at the beginning of the 14th century the pope changed its structure and function into a castle. Nowadays the fortress has become a museum that if you have the time to visit it’s well worth it!

Do you want to take the perfect picture of Castel Sant’Angelo? The spot you are looking for is the bridge that welcomes the visitors to the fortress. The glimpse of the bridge decorated with the statues of 10 angels, with the fortress on the background is one of Rome’s most famous pictures.

castel sant'angelo the best photo spots in rome
Photo from Credits to Linh Bo.

15. Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana (Square Colosseum)

Have you ever heard of the Colosseum? Of course. But did you know about its cousin the Square Colosseum? Situated in the scenic neighborhood of the EUR, il Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana (Palace of Italian Heritage), attracts architects and photographers alike because of its unusual aesthetic.

The location has been the set of many movies including Titus and Zoolander 2. Nowadays it has become the headquarters of the Italian fashion house Fendi. To take the perfect shot place yourself in front of the building from the stairs.

square colosseum palazzo della civiltà italiana unusual things to do in rome best photo spots

16. Trastevere

Cobblestone narrow alleys? Vintage cars? Enchanting corners? You just landed in Trastevere, one of the loveliest neighborhoods in Rome. Good food and lovely backdrops makes of it a great destinations if you are looking to take good photos and chill after an intense day of exploration.

Some adresses you shouldn’t miss? The most picturesque are Ponte Sisto and Villa Sciarra, and also the streets around Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere.

17. Marble Stadium

60 marble statues, each 4 meters high, name and decor the marble stadium. The complex which clearly reminds ancient Rome’s architecture, was built during Mussolini’s government and is part of the Foro Italico, a huge complex of sport centers.

You can enter inside the stadium, although just mind to not disturb the athletes training. The Marbles’ Stadium is open daily from 8.30 AM to 8 PM. On Saturday it closes its doors at 6 PM, while Sunday opening time is from 9.30 AM to 1 PM.

marble stadium best photo spots in rome

One last word about the best photo spots in Rome

Rome ever ceases to amaze. It’s alive and eternal, and there is always something new to discover. I’m sure this list will evolve and grow with each new visit I’ll have in Rome. but for now I hope you liked my selection of locations! If you need more inspiration don’t forget to check out our Lazio and Rome itineraries and guides!

We have a practical guide on how to see Rome’s main landmarks in a day, which includes many of the iconic locations listed above. And if you need help to find the perfect caption for your Instagram posts, check out our collection of puns, quotes and captions about Rome.

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best things to do in brazil visit salvador de bahia

The 11 Most Incredible Things to do in Brazil

Did you know? Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and occupies about 50% of the surface of South America. Being that vast means only one thing: endless opportunities and places to explore! I have been in Brazil 3 times and I still feel I have barely scratched the surface. That’s why I’ve crafted this list of the best places, activities, and things to do in Brazil. Take this as a bucket list, of course it will be very difficult to cross all these items with one single trip. But you can take this guide as your source of inspiration for you next trips to Brazil.

Disclosure: is reader-supported. When you make a reservation through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no extra cost for you. That will help me keep the blog up and running. Thank you!

Table of Contents

Explore the Amazon Rainforest

There are a few places on Earth nature lovers will love more than the Amazonian Rainforest. This dense tangle of vegetation and other living creatures is a fascinating heaven for all sort of life.

The Amazonian Rainforest covers 9 South American states (including French Guiana where I’m currently living), but it develops largely on Brazil.

Visit the Amazonian Rainforest from Manaus

The best way to explore the Amazon Rainforest is by flying to Manaus and start your exploration from there. There are several guided tours (especially cruises) from one to more days, that will give a great first impression of the density of the Rainforest.

Unless you are an expert explorer I highly recommend booking a guided tour as newbies are in danger of getting lost while trekking, the most important risk when exploring any Rainforest or Jungle in the world (yes much more than animal encounters).

Manaus is also one of the largest cities in Brazil and hosts one of the most important scientific centers on the Amazonian region.

Visit the Amazonian Rainforest from Belem

Belem is a metropolis emerging from the forest. If you have never experienced the humidity of the Equator it will leave you literally breathless because of its humidity. The feeling is to enter a greenhouse, suffocating if you are not used to.

But besides its particular climate condition Belem is absolutely interesting because of its strategic position on the Amazon River.

A cruise on the river and the huge Marajo Island (besides its name the island is situated on the river), will let you explore the fascinating world of the many villages that coexist on the river.

things to do in belem brazil cruize on the amazon and marajo island

Tips for exploring the Amazonian Rainforest

Bring waterproof and light clothes that will dry fast even under the sudden rains. Remember to protect yourself from the sun, the rays are not the same intensity at the Equator!

Consider mosquitoes/insects repellents. I’m allergic to those, and I’ve never used them even after spending multiple days in the Amazonian Rainforest. But still if you are particularly sensitive to mosquitoes bites bring repellents with you. Just make a test on a smaller portion of your body, like your wrist, to see if you have any particular reaction to these products.

Visit Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is truly a marvelous city (its nickname is Cidade Maravilhosa). And it’s a MUST on your Brazilian trip. Even if many are able to pack the best things to do in two or three days, I highly recommend spending at least one week to understand more deeply the different layers of this extraordinary city.

From its incredible beaches to the beautiful historical monuments, there are plenty of different corners to explore. Remember always to be careful to the neighbors you are visiting as some areas are unsafe. You just need common sense, when exploring keep always an eye on your environment.

And for the outdoor passionate there are many activities to try like paragliding, horse riding, or simply trekking in Tijuca National Park. Without forgetting of course a visit to the amazing Pao de Açucar and Christ the Redeemer.

view from sugarloaf of corcovado rio de janeiro helicopter tours

Experience Carnival in Rio

Carnival in Brazil is one of the most incredible celebrations in the world, and in Rio de Janeiro that takes the proportions of an endless non stop party that lasts for several weeks.

The atmosphere is different, everyone and their mom are dancing to the engaging rhythm of samba and there are celebrations everywhere. This is a good time to take some samba lessons and of course to attend the parades at Rio Sambodrome, check out the ticket for the entries on Viator and GetYourGuide.

For the curious, this is what a parade looks like, isn’t it great?!

See Rio from above

One of the best way to admire Rio is by taking an helicopter tour. There are many different tours but I can recommend you two depending on your budget:

The best helicopter tour without breaking the bank? Check out this 30 minutes flight, that cost only 555€ for a group of 3 people maximum. For 30 minutes that’s the best price you will get.

Although if you want to invest a little more in this bucket list experience I’d definitely go with the 1 hour tour by Gregtur Tourism Rio. It’s the most complete!

If you want to know more about the helicopter tours (duration and sightseeing) check out our dedicated blog post.

Admire the underwater life in Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a tropical paradise located off the northeastern coast of Brazil. This remote archipelago consists of 21 breathtaking islands and islets of volcanic origin.

Besides the undeniable beauty of its beaches and landscapes, Fernando de Noronha has a very rich marine ecosystem that attracts divers. Activities like snorkeling and scuba diving are an absolute must when visiting. But even if you aren’t an expert swimmer you can enjoy boat tours to admire the underwater life.

Did you know? Fernando de Noronha is home to Sancho Bay, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Good to know before going: The island is very expensive (from accommodations to food) as it’s an island quite far from the coast. Consider about 3/4 times more expensive than Rio de Janeiro. And in addition to that there are also two taxes tourists have to pay which contribute to the maintaining of the Natural Reserve. One is mandatory and will give you access to the inhabited part of the main island. While the second will give you access to the Marine National Park, you can find the tickets here.

fernando de noronha brazil
Credits to Snow-surf. License.

Marvel at Iguazu Falls

Consisting of over 275 individual falls spread across nearly two miles, Iguazu Falls is one of the largest waterfall systems in the world and has rightfully earned its place as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Iguazu Falls are split between Argentina and Brazil with he highest drop being 82 meters.

To fully appreciate the grandeur of Iguazu Falls, it’s worth exploring from both the Brazilian and Argentine sides. The Brazilian side offers panoramic views that encompass the entire falls, providing a broader perspective of their vastness. The Argentine side, on the other hand, allows for up-close encounters with the falls through a network of trails and walkways that take you right to the edge of the cascades. It’s an immersive experience where you can feel the mist on your face and witness the falls from various angles and elevations.

In addition to the awe-inspiring views, the surrounding national parks offer opportunities for wildlife spotting and nature exploration. You may encounter colorful butterflies, exotic birds, and even coatis (raccoon-like creatures) as you traverse the park’s trails.

Most recommended experience? A boat tour!

iguazu falls best things to do in brazil
Photo from Credits to Christhian Gruhh.

Discover the vibrant colors of Salvador de Bahia

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador de Bahia. You can explore the historic center, enjoy traditional music and dance, and sample local cuisine.

One of the most important slavery harbors during the colonial years, Salvador de Bahia has perfectly integrated the African heritage in its culture. It won’t be unusual to find African art and objects, like the stunning wax dresses! And even Capoheira is a mix of African and Brazilian cultures.

But which are the best activities to do in Salvador de Bahia? Among all the choices I’d definitely recommend exploring thoroughly Pelourinho, the pulsing heart of the city. Get lost in the cobblestones alleys and admire the local artisan shop and art studios. Without forgetting the Igreja e Convento de São Francisco and Catedral Basílica de Salvador, two colonial churches that have beautiful azulejos decorations.

pelhourinho things to do in salvador de bahia travel guide

Go wildlife spotting in the Pantanal

Embarking on a wildlife safari in the Pantanal wetlands is a dream come true for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers. The Pantanal is the world biggest wetland, and expand through Brazil Bolivia and Paraguay.

Just like in every animal related activity, you will come with great expectations of seeing the large mammals like anteaters, tapirs, jaguars, and pumas. But remember this isn’t a zoo and animals may be difficult to spot, even if you are staying on more days.

In addition to the above mentioned, the Pantanal is home to an astonishing array of wildlife. As you venture through the wetlands, you will probably encounter caimans sunning themselves along the riverbanks, capybaras, the world’s largest rodent, and a rich birdlife. With over 650 species recorded in the region Pantanal is a paradise also for birdwatchers.

Exploring the Pantanal on a safari provides an immersive experience. And depending on the type of activity you should be able to spot different animals as well. While there try to enjoy at least a guided hike in the forest, a horse riding, a day cruise and a night cruise (you will see plenty of animals and an incredible night sky!). That way you will increase your chances of seeing many animals.

jaguar pantanal things to do in brazil
Photo by Wolves201. License.

When is the best time to visit Pantanal?

During the dry season from July to October. The animals will be easier to spot as many water curses get dry, and it’s also the best time for outdoor activities. Try yourself into canoeing, one of the best way to explore these habitats. Unlike boat tours you will make less noise and you will have greater chance to spot animals.

Trek in Chapada Diamantina National Park

Chapada Diamantina is a vast area of 1 525,75 km2, that includes caves, waterfalls, and an impressive plateau (the name translates as Diamond Plateau) with several canyons. Despite its name, Chapada Diamantina is still an off the beaten path gem, and most tourism is local. And that’s what makes it even more special!

The park’s trails cater to trekkers of all levels, from leisurely walks to challenging multi-day hikes. One of the most popular and iconic treks in Chapada Diamantina is the trek to the Pai Inacio Hill, where you can witness a spectacular panoramic view of the entire park from the summit. The hike takes you through rock formations, ancient caves, and captivating natural scenery before rewarding you with the awe-inspiring vista at the top.

For more experienced trekkers, the Vale do Pati trek offers a truly immersive experience. Known as one of Brazil’s best treks, it takes you deep into the heart of the Chapada Diamantina, where you’ll encounter isolated villages, breathtaking waterfalls, and jaw-dropping canyons. The trek can be completed in 3 to 5 days, and along the way, you’ll have the chance to interact with local communities and experience the traditional lifestyle of the region.

Before setting out on a trek in Chapada Diamantina, it’s essential to be well-prepared and accompanied by an experienced local guide who knows the area’s trails and can ensure your safety. The park’s weather can be unpredictable, and conditions may change rapidly, so appropriate clothing and gear are crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable trek.

On TripAdvisor you can check out guided tours and excursions on multiple days.

chapada diamantina national park things to do in brazil
Photo by Kennedy Silva. License.

Experience the cultural melting pot of Sao Paulo

One of the first things you’ll notice about São Paulo is its architectural diversity. The city is a fascinating blend of modern skyscrapers, historic buildings, and green spaces.

Head to Avenida Paulista, the city’s most famous avenue, where you’ll find a mix of modern buildings, shopping malls, cultural institutions, and vibrant street life. This iconic avenue is the heart of São Paulo’s financial district and a hub of cultural events, demonstrations, and public gatherings.

For a taste of São Paulo’s history and culture, explore the city’s neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character. Visit the historic center, known as Centro, where you can marvel at impressive buildings like the Theatro Municipal, a beautiful opera house inspired by the Paris Opera. The São Bento Monastery, with its stunning interior adorned with intricate wood carvings, is another must-visit landmark in the area.

One more reason to love São Paulo? Its outstanding museums and art galleries. The São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP) is one of the city’s architectural gems, housing an extensive collection of European and Brazilian art. For contemporary art enthusiasts, the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo showcases a diverse range of Brazilian artworks from the 19th century to the present day.

As a cultural melting pot, there ae several different cuisines you can taste in São Paulo. Don’t miss trying traditional Brazilian dishes like feijoada, coxinha, and pao de quejo, you can taste them in one of the many churrascarias around the city. But you can also explore the vast array of international cuisines in the city’s many restaurants and food markets.

sao paolo things to do in brazil

Discover the sandy paradise of Jericoacoara

Even its name evokes a tropic paradise: Jericoacoara (literally turtles refuge) is one of the best white beach crystal waters destinations in Brazil.

This picturesque fishing village has evolved into a popular tourist destination while still retaining its laid-back, bohemian vibe. Known for its stunning beaches, unique dune landscapes, and excellent wind conditions, Jericoacoara has become a haven for beach lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and nature seekers.

The main attraction of Jericoacoara is its pristine beaches, which offer a mix of relaxation and adventure. Jericoacoara Beach, also known as “Jeri Beach,” is a breathtaking stretch of golden sand framed by swaying palm trees and calm, turquoise waters. It is the perfect place to unwind, soak up the sun, and take in the scenic beauty of the region.

One of the most iconic spots in Jericoacoara is the majestic Sunset Dune (Duna do Pôr do Sol). In the late afternoon, locals and tourists alike gather here to witness the spectacular sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

Beyond its idyllic beaches, Jericoacoara is a world-renowned destination for wind and water sports. The consistent trade winds that blow across the region make it ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing. The conditions are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders, and there are several schools and rental shops available for those looking to learn or practice these thrilling sports. You can easily find classes once you are there, just ask to your hotel’s reception.

The natural beauty of Jericoacoara extends beyond its beaches. The region is surrounded by massive sand dunes, freshwater lagoons, and mangroves, creating a unique and diverse landscape. A popular activity is “buggy” or 4×4 tours, which take visitors on thrilling rides through the dunes and along the coast, allowing them to discover hidden lagoons and oasis-like settings.

best things to do in brazil jericoacoara
Photo from Credits to Roberto Garrido.

Explore the historical center of Paraty

Visiting the historical center of Paraty is like stepping back in time to Brazil’s colonial past. This charming coastal town, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, boasts a well-preserved historic center that is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. The cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and captivating atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a taste of Brazil’s history and culture.

The historical center of Paraty is characterized by its beautiful colonial buildings, many of which date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The architecture reflects a blend of Portuguese, indigenous, and African influences, that slightly remind Salvador de Bahia. The buildings are adorned with colorful facades and wooden doors that makes it a postcard-like location.

Strolling through the narrow, winding streets, you’ll encounter various artisan shops, art galleries, and traditional craft stores. Paraty is famous for its cachaça, an excellent Brazilian spirit made from sugarcane, and you can find several shops selling artisanal cachaça and other local products. If you buy one don’t forget to ask for the recipe of Caipirinha a signature among Brazilian cocktails.

As you explore the historical center, be sure to visit the many historic churches that dot the town. The Church of Our Lady of the Remedies, perched on a hill overlooking the town, offers stunning views of Paraty and the surrounding bay. The Church of Santa Rita, with its Baroque-style facade, is another architectural gem worth exploring.

In addition to exploring the historical center, consider taking a boat tour to explore the nearby islands and beaches or embarking on a hiking adventure in the surrounding rainforest.

best things to do in brazil explore paraty
Photo from Credits to Ruca Souza.

Marvel at the otherworldly landscapes of Lençóis Maranhenses

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is one of Brazil’s most extraordinary natural wonders, offering a surreal and otherworldly landscape that captivates visitors with its ethereal beauty. Located in the state of Maranhão in northeastern Brazil, Lençóis Maranhenses is a vast desert-like region dotted with immense sand dunes and pristine freshwater lagoons.

The name Lençóis Maranhenses translates to Maranhão Bedsheets, aptly describing the park’s appearance. The sweeping sand dunes resemble a massive, undulating sea of white bedsheets.

What makes this national park truly unique is the presence of these temporary lagoons, formed during the rainy season. From February to June, heavy rains pour over the region, creating numerous natural depressions in the sand dunes. These depressions fill with rainwater, forming crystal-clear lagoons that can be quite deep and vast, stretching for several kilometers. The water’s transparency combined with the white sands beneath creates a mesmerizing visual effect, making it appear as if you are walking on a bed of glass.

The best way to experience the park is by hiking through the dunes, guided by experienced local tour operators who can lead you to the most beautiful lagoons and viewpoints. As there is a very little international tourism there tour operators speak mostly Portuguese.

The park is also a sanctuary for a variety of wildlife, especially during the rainy season when migratory birds flock to the lagoons, and the surrounding vegetation comes to life. You may also spot other animals such as reptiles, small mammals, and insects adapted to the challenging desert environment.

To access Lençóis Maranhenses, you will need to arrive in the town of Barreirinhas, which serves as the gateway to the park. From there, guided tours, either on foot or by 4×4 vehicles, take visitors deep into the dunes to explore the enchanting landscape.

lencois mmarahenses best things to do in brazil
Photo by Julius Dadalti. License.

One last word about the best things to do in Brazil

Now this is quite a list! But quite honestly it would be very difficult to see all of these incredible places in only one trip, so don’t hesitate to regroup them by geographical area, to be able to fully take advantage of your trip. And remember that distances in Brazil are LONG!

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party pool captions with friends inflatable captions unicorn captions

50+ Splashy Pool Captions for Instagram

Whether you’re seeking a witty one-liner, a poetic expression, or a touch of humor, we’ve the best list of pool captions for Instagram that your followers will love. So grab your favorite pool float, put on your sunniest smile, and let’s dive in together to discover the perfect captions for you! Be ready to make a splash and leave a lasting impression with your poolside posts.

Disclosure: is reader-supported. When you make a reservation through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no extra cost for you. That will help me keep the blog up and running. Thank you!

Table of Contents

Short Pool Captions to Make an Impression

It’s pool time!

Just keep swimming.

Swim, sip, repeat.

In the water, I’m free.

Good times and tan lines.

Floating through life with a smile.

Just floating along.

The pool is my happy place.

Sun-kissed and poolside bliss.

In love with pool days.

One liner Pool Captions that will rise heath waves!

Escape the heat, embrace the pool.

Chasing the sun, one pool at a time.

Life’s better by the poolside.

Sun, water, and endless summer vibes.

Jump in and let the water refresh your soul.

The pool is calling, and I must go.

Find me where the pool meets paradise.

Summer memories are made by the pool.

Sippin’ cocktails, catchin’ rays, living the pool life.

Splish Splash: Funny Pool Captions

Forget the glass slippers. This princess only wears flippers.

Life is better in a bikini by the pool.

Keep your friends close and your pool float closer.

No shoes, no worries.

I’m not lazy, I’m just on ‘beach mode’ by the pool.

My favorite exercise? Poolside lounging with a drink in hand.

Captions to Make a Splash

Making a splash.

Splashing into pure happiness.

Stay cool and make a splash.

Warning! You’re in the splash zone.

Having a ‘splashtastic’ time by the pool!

Cool Party Pool Captions with Friends

Hanging with my best fins forever.

Party is where the pool is.

A splashing good time.

Pool party mode: ON!

Dive in and let your worries float away.

Does it requires a bikini? Then my answer is yes!

Pool Puns to Make Waves of Humor

Too pool for you.

Water you doing today?

Pool-y obsessed with this summer weather.

Having a funtastic pool day.

Go with the float.

Tropic like it’s hot.

Keep palm and carry on.

Feeling swim-ply fabulous in the pool!

Party like a lobstar.

Inflatable Captions for your pool days

Time to be a unicorn.

Unicorn mode ON.

Mother of unicorns.

Don’t tell me unicorns don’t exist, I’m sitting on one right now.

Sending you rainbows and sunshine.

Riding off into summer on my magical unicorn.

Embrace your inner unicorn.

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As we wrap up this blog post, I really hope that you’ve found the perfect pool captions for your feed. Remember, a great caption has the power to transport your followers to the sun-soaked paradise you are enjoying. Don’t be afraid to experiment, play with words, and let your creativity flow just like the sparkling water in the pool.

Do you like water-related Instagram captions? From lake captions to beach quotes, ocean jokes and sea puns. And why not to mention our collection of Summer captions for some steamy holidays.

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things to do in andenes lighthouse andoya travel guide

Andenes Travel Guide to Vesteralen’s Northernmost City

Welcome to Andenes, a picturesque coastal town nestled in the Vesterålen archipelago of Norway. Known for its stunning natural beauty and unique wildlife encounters, Andenes offers a blend of pristine landscapes and exciting outdoor adventures. If you love the outdoors, you will be spoilt of choice of things to do in Andenes. So if you are seeking breathtaking vistas, thrilling marine experiences, or a serene escape into nature be ready to immerse yourself in the wonders of this enchanting destination.

Disclosure: is reader-supported. When you make a reservation through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no extra cost for you. That will help me keep the blog up and running. Thank you!

Table of Contents

Things to do in Andenes

Take part in Whale Watching Expeditions

Andenes is one of the best places in the world for whale watching. Joining a whale safari to witness these gentle giants is one of the best things to do in Andenes! The different species you may see are sperm whales, orcas, and humpbacks, as they migrate through the Arctic waters.

Whale Safaris are an amazing experience, but before going take note of a few tips that will let you enjoy the tour:

  • Dress warmly and in layers. People traveling in Summer may think the weather will be temperate. Forget about that! Remember that you are out in the open and the winds may be strong and freezing. The tours are long so there may be moments where you will feel warmer, hence dress in layers.
  • Bring your seasick pills. Even if you don’t usually suffer from this, I strongly advise you to bring them. In many cases they will save your trip and let you enjoy the ride. Another option are seasickness bracelets also.
  • Be prepared to spend more time in the sea than you could wish for. Whale tours often have a 100% whale guarantee. That means that if you are unable to admire the cetaceans on your tour, you will either get a refund or the possibility to embark on another tour the following day. If you aren’t lucky and whales aren’t around, the “hunt” for whales could last long, sometimes even 6 hours or more. Just in case prepare a snack in the rare case the summer tour ends beyond restaurants and supermarket opening hours.

Climb on top of Andenes Lighthouse

Andenes Lighthouse is one of Andoya’s most famous landmarks. The 40 meters cast iron structure was completed in 1859 and until today it is one of the highest lighthouses in Norway and also one of the most visited.

To visit the lighthouse and benefit from an incredible view of Andenes and its surroundings, you will have to go to the neighboring Andøy Museum. The Museum features items from everyday life of the fishermen who live in Vesteralen and more generally in Arctic Norway, as well as historical objects. It also has a very nice shop where you can buy typical items, including reindeer, whale, and moose salami.

Note: the visit to the Andenes lighthouse is a must when in town, but if you suffer from vertigo you should consider not going because of the internal steps are quite steep.

Check out schedules and prices on their website.

things to do in andenes lighthouse

Discover the Andøya National Tourist Route

One of the most captivating experiences in Andenes is taking a scenic drive along the Andøya National Tourist Route. This breathtaking route spans approximately 58 kilometers (36 miles) and winds its way through some of the most stunning coastal landscapes in Norway.

One of the highlights of the Andøya National Tourist Route are the dramatic coastal cliffs that rise majestically from the sea, which are so typical in Northern Norway. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture the breathtaking views. You may take some awesome photos along the way, just remember to set your camera speed to at least 1/500. Keep an eye on the beautiful red fishermen cabins also known as rorbuers, and the panoramic points along the way.

The Andøya National Tourist Route runs all along the island and if you have the chance you might travel to both sides. Amazing beaches and dramatic cliffs are waiting along the way. Although there is a curios place to visit, one of the most expensive toilets in the world: Bukkekjerka.

This special toilet was very challenging to build as it’s on an irregular ground. The view is amazing and you can even walk around and join the small lighthouse a little further. Talking about a toilet with a view! If you are coming from Andenes it’s just a few minutes after Andøya Space Launchpad.

bukkerkjerka andoya national tourist route things to do in andenes

Go Hiking in Måtind

Lace up your boots and embark on one of the most epic trails of your lifetime on Måtinden. The hike is considered one of the most beautiful in Vesteralen because of the panoramic view of the rugged coastline.

The hike itself isn’t particularly difficult, but wear adapted shoes as the ground is rocky. The distance is 3.6 kilometers and can be covered in a time lapse between 2 and a half and 4 hours.

Also wear warm clothes and bring a waterproof cloak as the weather changes rapidly and even in summer it can be windy on top. During summer the summit becomes a very popular campsite under the midnight sun.

Photo from Credits to Ente 68.

Relax at Bleik Beach

Bleik is a small fishing village in the North West of Andoya, nestled between the dramatic peaks of Bleik. What makes it stand out from the rest of the villages around is its pristine white sand beach.

Challenge yourself by taking a dip in the freezing waters (they are chill even in summer!) or simply enjoy a peaceful walk on the shore. Andoya island, and Vesteralen in general, are less touristy than Lofoten so you can enjoy some quiet time.

bleik beach bleiksoya bleikstranda things to do in andenes

Discover the Puffin Colony on Bleiksøya

If you are visiting Bleik in the right season (from mid-April to August) a puffin safari is a must activity! The area is full of sea birds including the magnificent sea eagles, that you can easily observe in Svolvaer, and of course puffins.

Rising about 500 meters from the coast, Bleiksøya Natural Reserve is a small island that welcomes many different species of sea birds. It’s also one of the best places in Norway to observe the puffin colonies and learn more about their habits. These cute little birds come on the coasts after spending the cold months into the open sea, to breed.

puffin colonies bleiksoya thinkgs to do in andenes

Explore the Andøya Space Center

Embark on a journey of space exploration at Andøya Space Center in Andenes. The historic site has already launched several sounding rockets for scientific purposes and soon a new launchpad will welcome its first launch the provisional date is the end of 2023. When coming from Bleik you can see the new launchpad in construction.

If you are interested in learning more about Northern Lights and space exploration you can visit Spaceship Aurora their museum. With the different options for the tickets you can either visit the Northern Lights exhibit or embark on a Mars adventure (ideal especially for kids).

If you have the chance, the real game changer is attending a sounding rocket launch. To know about the upcoming events you can check out Andøya Space Twitter Page or contact them directly.

Personal note: Having worked 8 years at Guiana Space Center, I know a thing or two about Space Centers. So if you have visited other sites around the world you may be disappointed as Andøya is a small size launch base.

andoya spaceport aurora space things to do in andenes

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Norway is very expensive when it comes to food, but there are definitely some must-try when in Vesteralen. You don’t have to go to the restaurant every day but I’d definitely recommend to test the whale steak (it taste similarly to liver) and reindeer stew.

In Andenes there is a very good restaurant Dag Ivar Lund Lysthuset Sørvesten, although be prepared the owner isn’t very friendly! But the food is indeed delicious. If you have some space left after lunch try the S*x on the mountain dessert, it comes with a postcard that you have eaten it. It’s two balls of ice cream with a biscuit, quite explicit presentation also!

Another very good restaurant is Arrensten, the service is a bit slow but their Bacalao (stockfish) is excellent. Their desserts are also very good and there is a large choice.

When eating out, especially at dinner don’t forget to make a reservation before arriving. Restaurants gets packed pretty quickly and you may wait even several minutes before getting a table.

whale steak things to eat in norway
The excellent whale steak.

When is the best time to visit?

The Andenes is a year-round destination, with each season offering its own unique charm. In the summer months, the route is bathed in the soft glow of the midnight sun, providing extended daylight hours to enjoy the scenic drive. In autumn, the landscape slightly change into red, orange, and gold nuances as the trees foliage changes.

Winter snow brings a magical atmosphere, with the possibility of witnessing the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky. This is honestly my favorite season to visit.

While late spring awakens the countryside after the snow is melted and returning migratory birds (like the adorable puffins!), adding a touch of vibrancy to the journey. Although if you want to admire the mighty see eagles the best season is winter as they are more active.

best time to visit vesteralen things to do in andenes

How to Get to Andenes

On Andoya there is only one small airport which is in Andenes. Getting there from Oslo is very easy, you will have to change plane in Tromso but normally when booking flights on Wideroe or SAS the itinerary is automatically prepared for you.

Where to Stay

There a few hotels to choose from in Andenes, all quite simple and clean. We stayed in Marena. The rooms are correct size and the service is efficient. And it’s close to the lighthouse and the whale safari tours. Another great option is Grønnbuene Rorbu Hotel that is situated in the harbor.

where to stay in andenes Grønnbuene Rorbu Hotel
Grønnbuene Rorbu Hotel

How to move around

Vesteralen and Lofoten are perfect for a road trip. Renting a car is quite essential to enjoy the adventure at your pace. We rented with Discovercars, prices aren’t cheap but unfortunately due to the remoteness of the place there isn’t much of a choice, unless you go with you own car.

When renting a car to select Andenes airport look for Andoya Airport (ANX). Remember to be precise about the timing of your arrival, the airport is very small and there are a few cars, if you don’t reserve in advance you may remain stranded.

Adventure is awaiting you in Vesterålen!

Andenes is a hidden gem in the Norwegian wilderness, offering a wealth of unforgettable experiences for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Are you looking into planning a trip to Lofoten and Vesterålen? We have planned the perfect road trip to Lofoten. The best part? You can easily add a few more days on Andoya’s island, just like we did!

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