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i love su sign in paramaribo suriname

The Best things to do in Paramaribo

Paramaribo is the capital of the smallest state in South America, Suriname. Likewise French Guiana, the amazonian rainforest covers almost entirely its territories (80%). Paramaribo’s charm is given by the different people that cohabit in the city. Since the first dutch settlement in early 1600, many cultures enlarged Paramaribo’s borders. In addition to its historical heritage, the city offers also a culinary experience thanks to all the different nationalities.

Become one with nature at French Guiana Zoo

French Guiana has one of the richest fauna and flora densities in the world. Its surface is almost entirely covered by the Amazonian rainforest. It’s a basin of life. Unfortunately, the high density of plants and trees makes it difficult to observe animals in their natural habitat. Home to more than 75 species, the French Guiana zoo is a beautiful showcase of the fauna that populates this wild region of France.

is french guiana worth visiting couple in front of dreyfus tower in kourou

Is French Guiana worth visiting? Why French Guiana Should Be Your next stop

Is French Guiana worth visiting? Since I moved here 9 years ago, that has been in my FAQ. Truth is French Guiana is a very special and unknown travel destination. Every year it attracts only 10.000 tourists. So the natural question is why French Guiana? Come on board with us to discover all the reasons you should book a flight to it for your next travel.

confeitaria colombo rio de janeiro brazil

Rio De Janeiro architecture, hidden gems in the city center

Rio De Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. White sand beaches, crystalline waters, landmarks attractions, and a lively cultural life, la Cidade Maravilhosa has them all. There are MANY things to see. This 1-day itinerary will let you discover the hidden treasures of Rio De Janeiro architecture in the city center.

martinique zoo and latouche dwelling walk among the tropical trees

All you need to know about Martinique Zoo and Latouche dwelling

We visited Martinique Zoo and the Latouche dwelling on our 5 days vacation in Martinique. At first, we were quite skeptical to go. Coming from French Guiana which has the most amazing and eco-friendly zoo I have ever visited. We almost skipped it to enjoy one more day on one of Martinique’s amazing beaches. But Martinique’s zoo is much more than a simple zoo! Latouche was an ancient rum distillery with so much history. Furthermore, the zoo has an amazing garden with so many nice locations.

Hotel Ker Alberte Cayenne

Staying in Hotel Ker Alberte, Cayenne’s hidden gems

If you are looking for an elegant hotel when staying in Cayenne, Hotel Ker Alberte may be the perfect solution for you. This charming creole colonial house has been renewed into a modern hotel. Besides the fact that it now can welcome guests, it still preserves its old charm of past times. Let’s see what you can expect when spending a night there.